Marylhurst University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Small classes mean accountability. Most people love Marylhurst for their small class sizes, usually around ten students. Because of this, you can not get away with missing class or not turing in assignments. Your teacher and classmates will notice. This might sound intimidating, but it is actually really great. Not only do they notice, but they also care. Your teacher will work with you to get you back on track if you stray and your classmates make up a supportive team to help you get there.


How much I would love it.


I wish I had known about the high cost of tution based against the amount of funds that an undergraduate would recieve. I also wish that I had been more aware of the community surrounding Marylhurst; despite Marylhurst's considerable liberal tendencies and leanings, there is a definite feeling of old, religious values that appear to die hard.


If I would have known how wonderful Marylhurst is I would have started as a student earlier. Although the financial aspect still hovers over me, I finally feel that I am on the path of uncovering my full potential. Every aspect of the process of enrolling in Marylhurst has been easy. I went in to find out what Marylhurst was all about and left enrolled. I was given advice on what courses were helpful for me to develop a career path that would feed my soul.


I wish I would have met with an academic advisor prior to completing my associates at community college. Marylhurst does not take a Washington associate degree and therefore each credit is looked at course by course as a transfer student.


It would have helped to understand more about the limits of the faculty. Compared with other schools I might have chosen, I think Marylhurst University profs are almost always less accomplished and less well known in their fields. That has been a real let down.


I wish I had known that Marylhurst existed before I wasted my time at schools and majors that I wasn't really interested in.


This questions sounds like it's looking for the "gotcha" with my school, Marylhurst. I'm delighted to report that there has not been a single disappointment or regret about my decision to attend here. I knew Marylhurst specialized with adult learners and I appreciate the consistent maturity. In contrast, I attended a community college full-time during my first two part-time terms at Marylhurst. The community college had a more diverse student body in terms of economic status, race and ethnicity. I wish I could import some of those students to join me at Marylhurst.


I wish I had known how much school would cut into my social life! Just kidding! I wish I had known how easy college is when you have the backing of a dedicated staff and student body.


I have researched this university quite a lot and I have nothing that I can say that would make me not want to go there.