Marylhurst University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The environment is friendly and welcoming. People of all ages and backgrounds are encourage to come together to share in the learning environment.


I feel the best thing about Marylhurst is their flexibility. Marylhurst is always willing to work with students. They offer online course, night courses, and weekend courses with the goal in mind of meeting their student?s needs. I have found working with the staff at Marylhurst to be extremely helpful and understanding of student?s busy schedules and home lives. I feel that anyone who is older, returning to school after a break, will find Marylhurst to be a welcoming experience.


I've never felt pride about a school, until I enrolled at Marylhurst U. The foundation of information that the courses are developed upon are outstanding, the course material is thourough and demanding and the staff genuinely cares about the needs of the student. However the best thing about M.U. is that I can complete my degree completely online, I'm attending school while living in South Korea! Amazing!


well there is online web based teaching and take into consideration prior learning assessment and getting credit for lifes esxperiences and also can attend classes at the university.


Small class sizes, individualized attention, learning philosophy