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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


While i could not have enough time to tell everything my highschool self everything i would want to, i nevertheless do have some solid advice. Take advantage of all oppurtunities for assistance, support, and advancement in highschool and college. Take classes that are challenging and not typical of my normative studies. Stay consistantly determined, dedicated, and motivated, which are the keys to success. Challenge oneself and allow self to win and loose, as both are important lessons to learn in life and for the future. Not only participate acidemically but also socially at school, where good peer influence and stimilutating friendships can be made. Also clubs and organizations from school build character, comrodore, and problem-solving and comprimising skills. Most importantly, remember the light at the end of the long tunnel. For many, school losses its appeal, but the most appealing thing is graduation and subsequent careers and success. Sucess is measured not in money but in happiness and self-fufillment which is something college, and formal training and schooling, enables one to find for oneself. Creating a happy and fufilled life for oneself is the greatest success of all.