Marymount Manhattan College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


When I think of Marymount Manhattan- warm sentiments of my faculty resonate. I connected with each one in a special way, and we remain in touch to this day. Marymount Manhattan is known for expert faculty, who care about College students. The faculty are not nestled high up in an ivory tower- they are below working with students, so the student will end up on top.


For their Dance and theatre program.


Theatre and dance programs - the Acting program is really quite great.


Our school is best known for our dance and theatre programs however our International Relations and Political Science programs are exceptional. We have accessibility that exceeds most students in the country with frequent trips to the United Nations, international NGOs, organizations like Amnesty International and we frequently get to meet with experts in our fields. The professors on staff for these majors are some of the best in the field and are becoming world renowned with their publications. The internship opportunities are incredible and can start your career in a place that exceeds even Ivy League Universities.


it theater and dance programs, the dance one is amazing the theater on is a good program learning wise but it is run like crap


It's Theatre and Dance Program


My school is best known for its theatre and dance programs and accessability to the events that hve to do with these fields


Theater and the Arts