Marymount Manhattan College Top Questions

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Marymount Manhattan College, provides a great small college experience in a large city. The Marymount Manhattan experience allows students to develop into city savvy and well-rounded adults. The Marymount Manhattan student knows how to navigate through the city, which helps them navigate through life.


Marymount Manhattan College is a small college in a big city. In New York City, it is easy to feel alone despite the thousands of people that you are constantly surrounded by, so it is important to be part of a community. MMC provides that community. I wanted to go to school in New York City, but I did not want to go to a large school like NYU. At MMC, professors will know you by name, and you won't have to be overwhelmed by the big city and a big school at the same time.


My school is in the middle of NYC, not many people could say that they attend a small libral arts college and get one on one attention with your teachers when you attend a school in the Big Apple. What drew me to this school is the teachers, you can relate to all of them and they wont hesitate to help you out with anything you are confused about. Being in such a big city allows me to get more hands on expierence with jobs in the real world, and what better place to be that New York City!


Marymount has a population that allows for individual attention while still having the feeling of a good sized college. The professors are approachable and are interested in their students' well being. It's at the center of the urban world and allows for any possible path toward your career.


There's a unique ability for individual achievement at the school. The posibilities are endless and the faculty and staff are more than willing and able to help an entrepeneurial student achieve. Though the resources aren't lacking, nor are the classes large by any consideration, individual initiative is key, students who do not try often get overlooked.


theres no real campus its one building and then a dorm building 20 blocks away,


It is the kind of institution that individual drive and ambition make the most successful students. There is a lot of flexibility so I was able to do double major, minor, do two full time internships and study abroad. I got the best that Marymount has to offer because I took the iniciative to do so. Not everyone my age has that kind of focus, I understand, but for me Marymount was the best place I could have gone. I wanted a liberal arts education in New York City without feeling like a number.


I can tell many of these questions are intended to ascertain information about the school's campus, and Marymount Manhattan College really does not have a campus or any cohesive community. Most students live off-campus and work off-campus. It is a small school, located in NYC, so as you might expect, the students are very much New Yorkers first, and students second. Apart from this, the small and intimate class setting made it very easy to have one-on-one time with professors and advisors.


It's a small school in a big city with a liberal arts education fit for students interested in a variety of careers.


I feel like my school is a very small network of people, I know most of the kids in the communcations department


It's smaller than the others which were all universities.


The only unique thing about Marymount is that it is a breeding ground for gay men, and a great place to find other gay men. As far as academics go, do NOT come here if you are looking for an actual career one day...