Marymount Manhattan College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


MMC is the epitomy of Liberal Arts College. They allow you to create your own major. I'm working towards being well versed in all aspects of theatre. I'm acting, stage managing, constructing sets. Also, I'm studying sociology at the same time. By the end I hope to grasp the sociological effects the theatre has on it's workers as well as the audience members.


This place is small and friendly, you will get loads of individual attention, the professors and students will know you and you will feel like one big happy family!


I talk about the genuine community that exists at my school. Even though Marymount is located in one of the craziest cities in the world, our school's community is close-knit and everyone is paid attention to and no one goes ignored. The faculty truly cares about its students and wants everyone to experience the endless possibilities our school and New York City have to offer.


It was a small school where i was able to have real relationships with my professors and get honest feedback and mentoring.


Personal relationship with the faculty. A deep understanding on their part, and also on the staff's part of your needs and wants. I never expected them to be so invested in my success, but they were.


open minds and education in one of the greatest cities in the world


I brag mostly about how small the classes are, how your professors are on a first name basus with you, and how close-knit the college itself is.