Marymount Manhattan College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I believe the worst aspect of Marymount is the lack of community. There is really no sense of camaraderie or community within the dorm facilites, which makes adjusting and feeling at home fairly difficult. There is no campus really at Marymount because the city is the campus. Therefore school pride and sense of belonging are harder to find at Marymount.


The cost and how they give little financial aid


The tuiton is expensive.


That it is a small school in a big city. Most of the students in my school are dancing and singing majors.


The worst thing about Marymount Manhattan is that it is mainly arts forcused so you are limited to the arts crowd to socialize and befriend which is fine but it is refreshing to have friends that have other concentrations and focuses.


It took a while to adjust to it and feel comfortable.


No sports teams.




It's especially difficult to answer this question because there are many things that seem tied, in my view, as the worst things about the school. There was not much critical rigor in the coursework, most teachers weren't particularly helpful, and my peers were generally blonde, arrogant girls from New Jersey, who spent class time texting, and their free time on facebook in the library. I was an English major, and we tried to generate interest in a literary club, which was difficult, because most of the students pretended their favorite book was The Da Vinci Code.


There are not enough scholarship opportunities available for students that show potential, drive, and work ethic.... not for those unable to receive enough financial aid... but who can't make ends meet even though they work.


too expensive


People at my school are really uninvolved because between the city and our school they always choose the city, and then they complain that there's not enough involvement at school. In other words their's not enough of a sense of community.


The quality of dormitory and the lack of ammenities. Students at my dorm pay the same price as others in other dorm and are not supplied with cable, gym access or quality internet service.