Marymount Manhattan College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


One who is more prone to make friends than to learn.


Marymount has a policy that every student is only allowed to take fifteen credit hours a semester. While this may seem nice because students may not overload their schedules, it is a hindrance to getting all necessary credits. It also seems illogical that, after paying a very high tuition, students are not given opportunities to take courses that interest them and would expand their knowledge because of the limit on hours. The only way to take more credits is to pay additional costs. This to me is the worst part of Marymout because it places a damper on your education.


Any one who is into the arts: music, dance, theatre, acting, film--and who favors small, intimate class settings versus huge classes should definitely attend Marymount Manhattan College. Also, those who are in search of a liberal arts education in New York City should consider attending MMC.


Someone who wants small classes, individual attention, is self motivated, is independent enough to live in new york


Theatre lover, dance lover and independent people.


Artsy, liberal, independent people. This school focuses mainly on the arts. Academics are not ignored, but students with "real" majors don't have as many choices as students in the art divisions. Also, you need to really like Manhattan and be able to navigate well. It's essential to be independent, able to manage money and time, and that you can balance your school work with all the greatness of living in NYC.