Marymount University Top Questions

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Listen, I'll be the first to tell you: Marymount may not be for you. It's small, expensive, old, and kind of hard to fit in at first. But if you are looking for a fun, inviting community where you are guaranteed to find at least one person to hang out with, give us a try.


Marymount University has a very diverse population. It is a Catholic University with a student body made up of all religions. I attend the University becauce the CIDA certifies the school of Interior Design. It is an excellent program with small class sizes. The professors are awesome! The campus is beautiful. It is located just a few miles from Washington D.C.


My school is a private Catholic University. Marymount University has an accelerated BSN program that is 16 months longs for 2nd degree -seeking students. Although, the program is fast and compact, it provides more than enough opportunities for classroom and clinical experience. I have already completed one semester with ease due to the fact that the program is small. There is about ninety students in the 2nd degree program and we are divided into two sections. This allows for more interaction with fellow classmates and more one-on-one time with the professor.


It's closer to my home and the nation's capital, Washington DC. And there are alot of opportunties for work and internships.


I think what makes it unique is that it is a small Catholic school in DC. It gives the best of both politics and religion.


Being private, the professors focus more on the students then a public school


Our school is very diverse in culture. The Professors are very helpful and want students to succeed not fail. There is alot to do outside of our campus with friends.


Small class size for more individual attention. Close to city with easy access (Metro), but not in major city or dangerous area.Religious affiliation, but tolerant and acceptant of other religions


I like it that Marymount, although quite small, is extremely diverse. Our student population represents most of the states and more than 63 different countries worldwide. I've learned so many people from different backgrounds and it's really been a great experience! I believe this makes Marymount truely special.


My school offered more financial aid wise than the other schools I was considering. Also, my school is close to Washington D.C. and the metro. Having metro accessibility is important for field trips and other fun activities.


Marymount University is unique for its student run programs. The Peer Mentor Program, run solely by upperclassman, assists freshman adjusting to college. This program started in 2004 at Marymount. A small idea that students wanted in order to inform others about what to expect when entering the college life. This program evolved into a three credit First Year Experience class, which deals with time management skills, transition issues and a focus on research. This program was started by students and has continued to be run by students. Students coming first, a motto that Marymount strives to stick to.