Marymount University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Marymount University? Why?




Parking :(


The worst thing about Marymount University is that the parking space on campus is very limited. There is not much parking on campus or anywhere close by. Also the fact that the school is so expensive! It makes one wonder where the tuition money from students is going, because clearly the building is old. Lastly, the school does not provide enough financial aid help for students, even though the tuition is $12,000 per semester. The classes provided during the semester are only available during one time, on one given day. So there is not much to play around with.


That our school is commutter based mostly, so during the weekends it is very empty and bored with no one around. so it can get vey lonely sometimes.


No sororities or fraternities, many students plan to pledge when they go to college. Because Marymount doesn't provide sororities or fraternities, many students are repelled.


The lack of financial aid for the second degree students that attend the school is the worst thing. The school attracts second degree Nursing students with an accelerated program yet does not provide any financial aid to help them compensate the financial burden.


The parking situation although I hear its getting better.


Most students live at least 30 minutes away or commute, so the social aspect is sometimes split between people who live on campus and those that do not.


This school is too small and too conservative; it's like being in high school still, not college.


Parking. There really is not enough as the school is small and commuter based near washington dc.