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I believe my school is a little too small. Since it is a private school, we have a lot of events though. I still believe the school should focus more on career fairs than lunches and parties. The President and Deans are always available to the students and we all get to meet each one of them. It is located in Arlington, close to Washington D.C.


My first two weeks at Marymount were AWFUL. I didn't know anyone, and everyone already seemed to know each other so I instantly felt out of the loop. I went home every weekend for the first month (I only live about an hour away) which I DO NOT recommend. You will miss so many opportunities, as the school sponsors SO MANY EVENTS! Seriously, there is always something to do. Last night I went to a *free* showing of X-Men First Class and tonight I'm participating in Open Mic Night. The food on campus is decent. For the first week I couldn't eat in the dining hall because every time I did I got sick afterwards, but I guess I just had to get used to it? I'm not sure about that....But Bernie's in the Lee Center has been great from day one. It serves so many different kinds of comfort food, which is great in college. The only downside about Bernie's is that it only counts as part of your meal plan from 12-4ish, and after that you have to pay. It's not expensive, though. Zest/Lola's is another eatery on campus that serves flatbreads, coffee, gelato, and wraps. It opened just last year and not many people know about it because it's hidden over in Ostepanko. (the upperclassmen dorms) Zest/Lola's is NOT a part of your meal plan, which sucks because they make the best food. The dorms are SMALL. I visited VCU and Marymount my senior year of highschool and VCU's dorms are twice the size of Marymount's. It's not an issue if you are a neat person, but if you are on the messier side you WILL have a problem. The campus is 'semi-dry', meaning if you're under the age of 21 and caught drinking in the dorms, you will get a suspension and if caught again an expulsion. They aren't too strict about it because I know a lot of people who drink every weekend and have never gotten in trouble for it. Parties are absolutely NOT ALLOWED in any dorm. The professors are knowledgeable about their subjects, for the most part. I have only had an issue with one professor and he was new, so he was just getting into the swing of things himself. Attendance is recorded in every class, and in most classes if you miss more than 2 classes you get lowered a letter grade for each additional class missed. That is a pain, especially seeing that you're bound to get sick or sleep through your morning class.