Maryville College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Supportive, encouraging, small group of individuals personalities.


The students at Maryville College are very diverse; everyone is valued, able to fit in, and find their niche quickly and easily, whether it is on the soccer pitch or running around playing a campus favorite, zombies vs. humans.


At Mayville College, my classmates are not only intelligent and hard working, but they are also very ougoing and willing to help their struggling peers.


Most of my classmates want to be here and try very hard in every class, but there are some who are here just to play sports and try to get others to do their work for them.


My classmates are intelligent people that are often odd and quiet.


My classmates are fun loving and motivated; if we want something we work hard to get it.


My classmates are great people, friendly and helpful, always willing to help me if I am struggling and participate with me in study groups.


My classmates are helpful friendly people who will do anything to help me succeed.