Maryville College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


By far the worst thing about my school is the high tuition costs of the school. It is a private college so tuition is $37,000 per year, and it has increased by $3,000 each year. I am currently having to pay for my complete tuition by myself so the high tuition costs take a heavy toll on me, both physically and emotionally. If it was not for the high tuition compared to the nearby , and far more affordable, University of Tennessee Knoxville or East Tennessee State University, Maryville College would have no major flaws in my eyes.


I think having nothing to do is the worst thing about the school. It needs more activities.


It's extremely hard, but will pay off in the end. It's expensive.


The worst thing about my school is that students are forced to take pointless classes that are not required anywhere else, and do not transfer to other colleges.


Same was difficult to fit in having never lived in TN.


Facilities are the worst thing because most of them are very old and haven't been renovated. However, a new gym floor has been made and most dorms are being well kept. There is also a 13 million dollar arts center in construction, but we're only going to be able to use it for a year.


The financial aid options were always much less than promised.


The worst thing about this school is how expensive it is to come here. Fortunately they offer a lot of financial aid, but it is still very expensive for all 4 years.


cost of tuition


The on-campus food selection and quality are the worst part of Maryville, but all of the food service workers work extremely hard and are very nice to students.


It is so very expensive. They give lots of Financial aid but sometimes it doesn't seem like enough.