Maryville College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Self-starter. Not someone who is looking for a very diverse cultural experience. Someone who enjoys small city living, but wants to be close enough to a bigger city to easily visit. Someone who wants to participate in extracurricular studies. Social and natural science majors are strong.


Maryville College, beig a Liberal Arts college, can suit just about anyone, yet I believe that a person who chooses to attend this college should be hard working and dedicated to being a student. Maryville College is known for its academics, and it is vitally important that a specific person fully committ himself or herself to the challenges which may arrise.


Someone who is serious about learning and cares about their future. Someone who wants to broaden their mind, and is open and willing to try new things and meet new people. Someone who cares about the environment. Someone who wants to go on to have a successful yet fulfilling life and career.


Students that enjoy a challenge and that are willling to work should attend this school.