Maryville College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who should not attend this school is a person is one who is seeking the "crazy college years". Maryville students have to be academically-focused, but they still know how to have fun. A person who cannot balance academics and social life often struggles. However, a strong desire to succeed and motivation are necessary traits for a Maryville College student.


Maryville College is not suited for a narrow minded individual who is not willing to be challenged to explore his or her beliefs. The campus is more intimate than most, therefore it is not the best setting looking to fly under the radar in the jungle of a big university.


-Someone who is afraid to work their hardest. -Someone who is lazy and refuses to work. -Someone who prefers to have fun over studying.


A person who likes to party on the weekends. If this person likes big schools or large classroom settings, then this school would not be appropriate.


A person who cannot pull their own weight should not attend this school.


A person who is not commited to acidemics and does not take school seriously does not need to attend this college.


Anyone who is not deeply religious and conservative, or from the surrounding area should not come here and expect to feel welcome.