Maryville University of Saint Louis Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are great ! I've found everyone to be very welcoming and full of surprises and always willing to show some cultural pride.


My classmates are diverse, hardworking leaders of the future


exellent university,grest proffesors


My classmates at Maryville University are friendly and outgoing. They are always willing to help out when you need it, whether it's sending you notes from a class you missed or helping with a project or homeowrk when you need it.


My classmates in the health professional classes I am in are very interactive and eager to help each other. Everyone peer teaches and learns from each other, as well as from our professors. Our classes revolve around group activities and projects so that everyone feels comfortable and friendly with everyone else in that class.


My classmates are not only caring and kind, but enjoy being around others and are willing to take time out of their day to help another person, without second thought.


My classmates care a lot about increasing their social status.


My classmates are mostly my friends - it is such a small group of people that we hang out all the time but we love to, even outside of class. They are some of my best friends and are like family. My other friends are mostly Physical Therapy/Art students - they are very dedicated to their studies but on the weekends starting on Thursday (beacuse hardly anyone has class on Friday's) they like to party in the apartments, this mostly consists of our group (10+) of people. Everyone likes to both party and study together (well balanced).


My classmates are dedicated and determined to get good grades.


Friendly, enthusiastic people trying to become music therapists