Maryville University of Saint Louis Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?




I brag about the small class sizes and how our professors really care about us. Our professors do everything they can to not only teach us, but get to know us as individuals.


I brag about the internship opportunities available.


its private so i can get all my classes i want and its easy to get involved!


I brag about the small town feel that the university gives off. When one is living on campus like I am, you get the feel of a small community. The people that are on campus are always nice and it is easy to get to know a multitude of people.


The faculty and staff and how friendly they are. My professors actually want to know about my life and help me achieve my goals. That my university is not just trying to get me a degree so that I can have a career but they are also trying to make me into a better person and leader.


I tell my friends that my school has the best Music Therapy professors. All of our proffessors are experts in their fields and most have a doctoral degree. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.


The city it is in and the surrounding area.


The small school environment located in an urban area. You get the effect of living and being in the city, but we're like our own community in the city. You get out of the school what you want to. If you want to know most of the people who go here, you easily can. Its also very easy to build strong relationships with the teachers. You have small classes so the teachers get to know you and care about your life and what you do with it, and want to help you every way possible.


I don't think I have ever bragged about anything.


School spirit is great and it is easy to get around campus