Maryville University of Saint Louis Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Haedworking, deligent, honest, flexible


Anyone looking to attend Maryville University should be a dedicated, hard-working, well educated, mature student that knows how to balance education, a job, and everyday life. Students should also be prepared to have fun and be involved with the community and at the school. Maryville students are proud of who they are and where they are in life and are dedicated to creating a better future for themselves and the community they are involoved in.


If you really want to be confident and good in your career. If you want good and helpful teachers. If you want to have a blast an be involved. If you like knowing a lot of peope and feel comfotble in small settings.


The type of student that should attend this school must be very focused. This is not the type of school where you just come to go to school, this is a very academicly-focused school. It is one of the best Health Proffesiion schools in the state of Missouri.


One that wants to receive a quality education at their own pace


Someone eager and willing to learn.


Very dedicated.


One who knows what they want in life and is willing to work hard to achieve their goals.


I think a determined person would attend this school. Maryville's programs are very specific. Physical therapy majors are in the Physical Therapy Program, Nursing majors will become nurses after completing the Nursing program, and pre-med students are prepared to move on to medical school to pursue a medical career. It takes determination because a studnt must know what he or she wants to do and then work to acheive that goal.