Maryville University of Saint Louis Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Maryvills was student focused and wanted to make a diffence in the lives of individuals with disabilities.


The best part about Maryville University is the spiral-style curriculum that allows students to learn information a little at a time in each semester or class. Then, the information is revisited in a later class or semester and more indepth information is added on. This allows students to learn in steps and also helps to reiterate the main focus.


The people that live on campus are like a tight knit family. Everyone looks out for eachother and cares about one another. The dorms are nice and the classes are small. It has a great community aspect. The athletic teams are all close and truely lead the campus in success.


The best thing about about Maryville is the amount of student involvment that occurs here on a daily basis. Most of the events that take place here at Maryville are planned by the students, for the students. Also, by having the Federal Work/Study Program, there are a large number of student workers at Maryville, who all contribute to the organization and functionality of the school on a daily basis and help maintain the work and school enviornment.


The best thing abou this school is its size. This school is just the right size to where the faculty gets the opportunity to assist you with your needs. Your teachers, advisors and Deans always have their door open for you to chat with and are willing to assist you with whatever you need. This school wants you to succeed.


I consider the attitude of the people at my school the best. Everyone is so welcoming and nice. It really makes me happy to be at Maryville. I feel supported by my peers and faculty.