Marywood University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


That is was an all girls college created in 1915 to make sure women got an higher education and in the early 1990's was changed to a co-ed school




Marywood University has alot to offer students. But the most important thing that impressed me was the size of the classromms , about 25 to a classroom. I came from a small catholic high school that had small classrooms, and that one to one helped me learn more, and gave me more of a chance to learn. after checking around different schools, I realized that art therapy at Marywood is one of the best programs they have to offer arround this area. It is a great privledge and oppturnity to me in this program, I feel I will learn alot.


I believe my school is most known for its strong Liberal Arts and Catholic background. Although these two traits are the most dominant, my school also allows its students to concentrate on his/her major from the get-go. I find this very important and satisfying. Everyone gets hands-on experience his/her first year and that allows all of us be more connected within our studies and our majors along with religion and the liberal arts.


Nutrition, Art and education programs, Service Learning.


Marywood is best known for the Art program. It is the only school in the area that offers an art degree.


The nursing program and art department are probably the most well-known aspect of Marywood, and for good reason. The nurses seem to be well equipped and the art department is fantastic.


Liberal arts