Marywood University Top Questions

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The campus is beautiful with over 100 different types of trees. The staff and students really get unvolved with the community. There is an on site day care, great involvement in habitat for humanity, and various activities that draw the community closer together.


Although it is a smaller university, Marywood offers a great education. Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Marywood has a beautiful campus, that also doubles as an arboretum, with beautiful trees scattered along the grounds. Not only is the campus imaculate, but the 3,000 + students make it feel like home. Along with having less than 4,000 students allows the university to have small class sizes where students receive individualized attention. The professors care about the education they provide and also the students they teach.


Marywood is it's own community. Everyone helps each other and is like a family.


My school's mission statement deals directly with helping the common good. Not only are they trying to help the community by training us, they are also trying to help the students get a good education. They have many programs to help us financially to make college more affordable.


Its a small school so there is a lot of teacher student interaction. The Scranton area forces you to create your own fun. There are a lot of tutoring services and facilities are very nice. The dorms are beautiful.


The campus itself is beautiful. It's very convinient to get places across campus and everything is well in reach. There are many resources on campus which makes it very helpful. It has an outstanding Music Therapy program that allows oppurtunities I may not have gotten at another school.


Marywood is located on a beautiful campus in the heart of Scranton.


its campus. Its beautiful


The small school feel with the quality education comperable to a large school


Small campus fIRENDLY small classes


The teachers are very personal and help you with anything you might need. They end up being more like close friends instead of professors.