Marywood University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Marywood University?


When talking about Marywood, there are a few things that I brag about. One thing that is really good at Marywood is the very nice and helpful faculty and administrators. Another thing I brag about is how the class size is very small so you get more individualized attention than you may at other universities. And finally, I brag about how beautiful the campus is.


I brag about the amazing professors who are always willing to help, the smaller class sizes that really facilitate learning, and the wonderful Marywood student community. There is never a time that I have ever felt alone and helpless while at Marywood. I feel like compared to friends at larger schools, I have a much stronger relationship with my peers and professors alike. These relationships are of utmost importance and have made my college experience thus far great!


Good food, beautiful campus, great faculty.


The Marywood campus is beautiful. The people at Marywood are very respectful and have made the transition very easy. The classes are challenging but the professors and programs provide help every step of the way. The job placement rate is very high and they offer career counseling for those in need of direction or advice. I am very proud to say I am a Marywood student.


I have alot of friends that go to huge schools and they always seem to be talking about the parties and huge football games. Then I think about my school and there is none of that. However, I think that is what makes Marywood something to brag about. Being able to go out but still feel comfortable becasue there are not 100 new people around. My friends from other schools tell me, "you seem so popular...everyone knows you!" It's a wonderful feeling knowing that I have a school full of friends.


I brag most about not only how much I have learned but also about how close I have become to the friends I have made


That it's small, clean, has small class sizes, there are brand new dorms to live in, and sports.