Marywood University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think any type of person can attend Marywood as long as they are willing to work hard. While some people may not want to come here because it is a promarly catholic college, they shouldn't be scared. I have no religious back ground and religion has never been forced on me in my time here. Marywood is a place where people are accepted for who they are.


Both traditional and nontraditional students. The school is Catholic but a person of any faith is welcome. Someone who wants to learn about the world in addition to their major should go to this school.


A person who is open-minded and academically driven to succeed.


There is not one type of person that can attend Marywood. Marywood welcomes all individuals.


One who is driven and looking forward to becoming successful when they are finished with college. Marywood's goal is to educate students to live responsibly in a diverse and interdependent world. The counselors are very nice and good at working with the students. If you think you can do well in a small, private school and enjoy having your professors knowing you on a first name basis, Marywood university is for you.


A person who is artistic, catholic, and a female. That is the average person on this campus.


Anyone looking for any kind of art degree. Marywood is good for the arts, social work, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, and business. They have other degress available but these are the specialties. Anyone who is interested in small, hands on classes with helpful teachers and who want to get the best out of an education should definitely go to Marywood.


Any kind of person, because there is no judging here at Marywood. If you are white, black, or any other type of race you are except here at Marywood. There are so many different cultures here at Marywood and we are all treaded equal that the best part. The professors are the same they are different sexs and race.


Anyone who is goal oriented and focused.


Artistic, libreral, career oriented, intellegent


people with money and close minded


Someone who likes being in small towns, doesn't really like being challenged with their education. Someone who does not like competition.


Someone who is more focused on education and participating in activities, service trips, and being part a close collegate community more than partying and skipping classes.