Marywood University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Marywood University?


If you would like to attend a large school with many students shouldn't attend Marywood. it is a school more for students looking for the smaller school feel, with small classes and such.


Any person who is a big drinker or partier should not attend this school, because it is a strict dry campus. Also, anyone who is not willing to work hard should not attend. From my experience, the professors expect a lot from each student, so Marywood University would be a big waste of money for someone with a poor work ethic.


The only type of person who should not attend this school would be those who are not academically focused.


A highly educated republican.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard. Or someone who doesn't like the small town.


If you don't have a lot of money, don't go here! Also, if you don't know anything about college don't think your advisors will help you, you have to figure everything out by yourself. Finally, if you like partying, doing things on weekends, and having fun, you'll have to be creative or go someplace else. One last thing, if you know what you want to be go to a school specific for that, don't take the liberal arts classes, they suck!


Someone who is looking to party every night. Now, I don't know what everyone on campus does, but it's a dry campus and it's relatively quiet in that sense. Another kind of person who shouldn't attend is someone that wants to graduate on time. I regret going to a four year (will now be five year) college, and I wish I would have gone to a community college and finish my core classes and THEN finish the remaining two years at a university.