Marywood University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The times when weather made it impossible to enjoy the college experience.


I would have to say that the most fustrating thing is our lack of a football team. Even though we have many other sports teams, I believe football brings the campus together. It allows us to be one even if you do not like the sport. If we had a football team, it would allows us to have a better bond and thats what I think is important during college.


Dorm life, rediculous dorm rules


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are many tests at once most of my teachers give exams pretty much the same week. Another thing would be that the laboratories are not equiped with the material that is needed, sometimes we have to repeat experiments because there is not enough of material for a different experiment.


they offer a pre-dental program, but dont know anything about a dental student future


The most frusterating thing is that if you don't have a car you really can't get anywhere. There is one convenient mart within walking distance, but the hills on the way are terrible. There isn't much on campus if you need to buy something, and we have a bus we can ride for free, but the times are really inconvenient and I have been stuck in downtown Scranton before because it didn't come back to pick me up.