Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Producing hardworking and succesful artists


My school is the only public art school in the country, and is in the top schools for the curriculum. Students end up with jobs in well known companies doing what they love. For example, students have gone on to have their own travelling gallery shows or doing work for places such as Nike, Nickelodeon, and various desgin firms.


My school is best known for its unique, creative, and inspiring students and faculty. Everyone at the school has something to share with everyone and they do this by expressing themselves visually. Disscustions in classrooms are extremely diverse and there is always fresh and new ideas being addressed. My school stresses the importance of learning about the world, outside of the classroom, including different cultures, events, and discoveries.


As a current freshman at Massachusetts College of Art I can comfortably give my opinon about my current experiences. Personally, I would say that my school is best known for its outstanding teachers. Going to class at 8:00 in the morning can be difficult at times, but walking into a classroom with a relateable and energetic teacher makes it much easier. As far as my experience with the faculty goes I have always felt comfortable approaching them. Narrowing it down to one thing that my school is best known for was difficult but it is full of great oppurtunities.


MassArt has been around for a while and has a good reputation for many reasons. I would say that in the last few years MassArt has become appreciated for its excellent facilities, useful city location, relatively small student body, and very much for being the only publicly funded school dedicated to the arts. MassArt has also initiated campus improvements that will severely improve capus life, the quantity and quality of campus residencies, studio spaces, and general technology available to students.


My school is best known for its faculty, which I would agree is its forefront attribute. While ther is of course a spectrum of competancy in the teaching staff, for the most part I have been graced with professors who have enlightend and shaped my artistic practice and personal outlook.


Quality Art Education, Excellent Facilities, Selective Enrollment, Great Value for Money (even if you have to pay out-of-state tuition like me).


My school is best known for many things. Their have been numerous artists from MassArt that have gone on to make a difference in the world. One thing MassArt is known for is for the graduate named Munsel, who created the Munsel color system that is used by Adobe for it?s Photoshop programs and that is used by Microsoft for the Windows color scheme. Another thing MassArt is known for it?s many graduates that have graduated and now work for the Harmonics Company, this is the company that has created Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I love MassArt.


The Artists that have come through Like Dean Nimmer and names I may not know yet. The biggest and most famous piece about Massart is that its the last publicly funded Art school in the country and its one of the oldest Colleges with the best printing facility in the country.


My school is best known for art and design.


Art. lots and lots of art.


My school is best known for it's students/alumni expertise in their field of art and design.


Our Design majors.


MassArt is best known for it's creative and artistic students. Students are innovative in their thinking and the small classes allow for personal critique and interaction between the student and professor. Courses pertaining to one's major are well taught. Also, MassArt is a well-reputable art school with a reasonable tuition.


Photography and graphic design.

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