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The most unique aspect about my school, aside from the fact that it is an art college, is the sense of community I have felt since the moment I set foot on the capmus. Throughout orientation, the main focus of all of the presentations had to do with being acceptance of each others differences and how to maintain safety on the campus. Now that orientation has ended, the same sense of community is still present. Even more, now that same feeling has grown, and I feel more free to express myself than I ever have.


For a public university, MassArt offers no shortage of resources curcial to one's development as an artist and embarking in a tough economic field, that puts even a smaller, more selective school I attended (Gettysburg College) and others I visited in the past to shame; of course these resources are moot if one lacks the initiative to explore what a school has to offer before jumping headlong in.


Our school has a wonderful sense of community. As an art school we are all very independant and unique; however we all are there for one another to build our artistic career. Our school is large but not too large that everyone is familiar with everyone and is there to support anyone who needs it.


There are no restrictions on the kind of person you can be, everyone is accepting of each other and this is very welcoming especially as a freshman. The fact that everyone is also required to take a certain amount of art classes is also valuable because it allows for friendships between different majors to happen and this creates a well diversified community of students that help each other with different skill sets that they aquire.


Massart has an incredibly welcoming and lively atmosphere. Being in the city there is always something going on whether gallery shows or festivals, there is a lot around to help inspire young artists. Compared to other schools there is a less intense competitive and everyone is more like a family rather than a rival. The teachers push you and strive for excellence as well as help you and encourage you. The college is one of the colleges of the fenways as well so you can take courses at other schools.


MassArt facilitates an atmosphere of togetherness. Walking the campus of MassArt, there is a feeling of community that I felt is very inspirational. As artists, the students are able to understand one another and respect eachother for their differences. This atmosphere is unique to MassArt and I have yet to feel at any other college campus.


The sense of community with the other colleges in the area and Boston. The small classrooms, and the rigirous structure of the graphic design department.


Massachusetts College of Art has an amazing faculty, and great facilities at half the price of other art schools. Every proffessor at MassArt is a praciticing artist. Which is improtant to me because they have valuable knowledge of the industry. MassArt's campus is home to some of the best equiment and studios on the east coast. Which gives students access to multiple different skills and opportunities. And on top of all of that MassArt is the most affordable art school in the country.


My school is unique in that it offers a portal to contemporary art and design through culturally connected faculty and programs. This is in both poles of very traditional art making and design, as well as ground breaking conceptual practice. A student attending Massart can know that they can flourish in as technical or theoretical as the contemporary art and design world has to offer.


What I like about my school is that Massachusetts College of Art is a state school that offers an amazing education such as a private school may. Being a state school, it allows students to have a financial break. I am a New England resident and pay substantially less than many other art schools without sacrificing the quality of my education and what I take from it. I love the affordability that MassArt allows alongside the level of higher education that is offered to their students.


Massachusetts College of Art is a school that is affordable, has strong BFA programs, and has a wide range of course offerings. Regardless of your major, you can take something completely out of the ordinary and gain new experiences. This school is also right in the heart of Boston. You have unlimited resources all around and you can interchange between colleges for sports and classes which I have done through the Colleges of the Fenway.


It's surrounded by so many other colleges and it focuses on design


The almost total sense of creative and intellectual freedom you have at Massart is incredible, being in such a densely populated college city I've met a lot of people going to other schools and after a conversation I'm always glad with my choice. There is an extremely casual relationship with professors so you feel comfortable asking questions and having conversations, even off-topic or after class. The community aspect, especially in Junior and Senior year is another unique element, it's not uncommon to be in the studios until midnite/1am on a weekend working away alongside friends.


The people at my current school are not people that would have gone to a Liberal arts college.


it's in a big city, somewhat close to home, and well known but not prestigeous.


The location is amazing and they provide majors in more fields than most art schools.


The Mass Art Fashion design program is extremely hands on- and they are known for their ability.


Mass Art is an art school that values academic learning as much as art. Mass Art expects students to be well rounded and educated across the board. This college has allowed me great flexibility with classes within my major and concentration. The community outreach is fantastic and has given me the oppertunity for a great internship. The professors and advisors prepared me in depth when searching for a job after graduation.


One of the only state schools thats an art school.


What is unique about this school compared to other schools I have considered or attended is that here the community is very tight and everyone is in the same place academically. Everyone here is for a specific reason, and that reason is to create beautiful works of art that impact the world around us. Because of this, I feel like everyone is very connected because we are all similar in this small way. People are very willing to help each other or to discuss their personal projects, its a very beneficial community to exist in.

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