Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


This school is such a huge hub for artistic creativity! There are so many ideas flowing around, I have to write down lists to what I heard in order to keep track of it all! The teachers I've had are fanominal. They are all masters of their craft and have learned so much from them. I am learning something new and astonishing everyday. I couldn't have wished for a better school to attend.


How amazing the community was, and the facilities.


I always go on about the facilities available to students, the hands-on experience students get, and especially the wide range of skills students can develope. MassArt has a very wide range of techniques and concepts for students to absorb; the teachers really do an excellent job in helping students learn in a practical way. When compared with other art schools, MassArt generally has far superior facilities. Depending on your area of study, the faculty may or may not be as well known. ex. MassArt's Photo department is Killer. Primarily, the teachers let students develop independently, free from "REALART".


My department has unique spaces, great equipment and endless opportunities to take advantage of both.


I often talk about the abundance of resources, we as students, have access to. We have access to all of the Fenway school's libraries, cafe's, activities and athletic programs. In addition to the abundance of resources our school and the network provides for us, many students are transfer students like myself. It is somewhat like a community college which I admire. Not only is what is being taught important but the experience through learning. That is influenced by one's peers and it is great to have such a diverse range of people in the massart community.


One of the best things about Massachusetts College of Art is the faculty. The teachers there, no matter what class or major you are, push you to be the very best you can be. They are there to make sure you will succeed and try their best to make sure you produce the best work you can, personal or for assignments.


When I speak about my school I tend to express how much I am in love with my major, graphic design. For myself and my peers this education is more of a passion to learn then a need to learn. I speak of all the different projects I have to complete and how excited I am about them; for example creating book covers, park guides, product logotypes and labels. This school isn't just attending a lecture everyday but passionately learning about the arts and applying everything we learn.


The thing that I brag about most to my friend about my school would have to be the thousands of opportunities to conect with the community. Through volunteer work, open galleries, musical performances, etc. student are able to be connected with the outisde world easily. Not to mention Boston is just a great place for students, there's always some type of eye opening even going on that everyone is welcomed to.


The thing I love most about Massachusetts College of Art and Design are the wonderful facilities and the large studios it has to offer to its students.


My large dorm. I have an apartment with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large living room slash kitchen.


I usually tell my friends how amazing all the professors are. I was very lucky to get the best teachers. A lot of them know a lot beyond their field. The teacher that stood out the most was my drawing teacher. He knew Latin; he recited Shakespeare and knew a lot about history and literature. He always talked about how being average is not enough in this world if we want to be successful.


What I brag mostly about my school are the teachers in it. Back in highschool, many students came from colleges and told us theres no help there, we will be absolutely on our own, no one cares about what we will do and dont when we go to college. But when I came to Massart, I experienced just the opposite. The teachers didn't just come to class, teach and leave, they encouraged us to ask questions when we weren't and they helped when we needed it. They gave us opportunities to even improve our grades etc.


Our school is about open-mindedness and absorbtion of culture, thought, and knowledge. Everyone is highly encouraged to express themselves. As artists, it is our job to present the world, or how we interpret it, in our own, personal way. Our school is not competitive. We share thoughts and ideas and learn from eachother. It is a very laid-back schoool. The school does not put pressure on me, I put pressure on myself. I am my own competition, and I can only learn from my mistakes. If I am constantly searching and asking questions my art will never cease.


I always tell my friends that I was in such a wonderful, diverse setting, exposed to art in a big city. I had creative professors who always encouraged me to challenge myself and take risks in whatever it was I was trying to create.


There is a strong social life! Everyone is very open and caring. School guides you in your art making and reveals things you would have never discovered on your own.


we are one of the top 5 design schools, and my teachers are AWESOME


I don't brag. Massart isn't that great, really. It's good if you are really vested in your field and is an excellent art school. It's just not for everyone.


How open everyone is in accepting different personalities and cultures. The fact that, although the curriculum is hard we can be creative with our course work and our abilities


I don't usually brag, because it tends to put other people down. I just say what I like about my school. I like the fact that the students are pretty down to earth. Most are quite friendly and admire each other's artwork. The teachers are also pretty mellow. I mean you do have to work hard, but the teachers won't freak out about every singe assignment turned in on time. They are sympathetic to students who have good excuses for their late work.


Other students and teacher's artwork


i can learn and do whatever i want.

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