Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I'm going to say the dinning halls. I really don't care for the food here.


Although I love my school, the worst thing is the prevalence of smokers. It seems that when school is in session cigarette smoke cannot be avoided on campus. The nicotine and other toxic chemicals found in a cigarette corrodes one's lungs, having the ability to cause illnesses such as emphysema and lung cancer. Furthermore, exposure to these chemicals for nonsmokers can also have harmful effects, as breathing in secondhand smoke can also lead to illness.


That I can only afford to spend 4 years at school.


I find it really hard to connect with people at my school. Maybe its just me, but just driving by this school gives you an overwhelming feel of freakshows. As hard as i try not to be judgemental it's pretty hard to when people dress and act the way they do here. I feel embarresed to be a part of this community. I do not like the style of clothing now-a-days and the need for people to feel like they have to stand out in the most bizarre ways they can think of.


The worst thing about MassArt is campus food. It does not offer too much variation, and it's easy to eat unhealthy here.


In my opinion Massachusetts College of Art and Design is a great school, so the worst of it that I can comment on is the lack of a wood shop for industrial designers, but even that is in the process of improvement because of a remodeling project that was put into effect early this Fall. The previous woodshop had limited space and was over crowded with students that wanted to complete projects, especially during finals. With the new wood shop there would really be no reason for me to complain about Massart.


I believe the worst thing about my school is the tuition. it is cheaper for in state students, but for me an out of state student the price is not affordable without a scholarship and loans.


There is nothing bad about my school. What I am having trouble with is the fact that I grew up in New York City and the city of Boston isn't quite what I expected. Things close a bit earlier than I'd like and the night life isn't as good as NYC's. Obviously it's only been one semester so I have become completely familar with Boston and am giving it time. But it was definitely a big change. Also, MassArt's location is not the best because there aren't that many things near by.


It can be difficult to acclimate to the city of Boston, especially if you're from a small lower class town, and the art community at Mass Art. There is a lot of pretentiousness among students, which is typical of artists, but can still be detrimental to personal growth if the individual sucombs to the negativity. The financial aid is often messy, and the Chartwells, owners of the cafeteria seem to own everything. We used to be able to serve wine at openings, for a very small fee, but now only Charwells can serve and there fee is astronomical, $2000.


The worst thing about my school is that a lot of students don't know a lot beyond the art field. In my Native American Art History class we looked at am artwork that included the first men on the moon. One of the students thought it doesn't make sense. When the teacher asked, he said that it was the Russian who landed on the Moon.


Cleanliness: it is an old school.


We work from dusk till dawn and there is no promise of success; only the promise of more all-nighters. Art is a dangerous career.


Sometimes you don't always know what you want to major in or you want to do a more open major and that can be difficult. Finding out what you want to do for the rest of your college career can be a challenege for some. Most students graduate in five years.


There's a real lack of sports and physical activity. Also the different majors are a bit exclusive, but not too exclusive.


The registration for the spring semester was frustrating and I wasn't able to get into one class I wanted to, but other than that there is nothing I could be complaining about.


the school meal is the worst thing about the school and the limit amount of dormatory offered to students that some have to live off-campus


Theft problems.


What annoys me most is the storage space for commuters. Students living in the dorms can easily carry their work across the street. Student can leave their stuff in the studios, but most studios are hard to get anyway. The paintings and sculptures that commuter students carry back and fourth are not very light in weight or small in size. I wish there were more storage areas or studios available to commuters.


There aren't very many school sponsered events, and the dorms are mostly freshmen, so there isn't much of a "campus life". The students are still social of course, and there are plenty of things to do because you're in Boston, but going out in the city can get expensive.


very stuck to meeting people in your major


The worst thing about MassArt is the courses pertaining to Critical Studies (english, math, science, etc). The information taught in these courses are not college level. If one were to actually learn something in these classes, he/she would have to cross-register with one of the other Fenway schools (Simmons, Wentworth, Emmanuel) which can be a frustrating process. I am sorry to say that I have learned more in my high classes than the academic courses offered at MassArt.


Right now the worst part of school is finding ways to pay for it, since I'm paying as an out of state student. Loans are growing bigger every year.


it is very expensive for out of sate students, almost double the in state tuition


commuting to school.

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