Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


An open minded, creative, kind, and intelligent human wishing to give back to the world through artistic means.


Someone who thinks outside the box and is willing to try new things should attend MassArt. It is not a school for an individual who is afraid to step out of their comfort zone.


A creative and indepedent student would attend Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This student would have to be able to act quickly and think outside of the box to create unique works of art. In order to be successful at this college, a person must be confident in their skills and know exactly how to execute their thoughts into art.


Someone who is willing to push themselves definitely belongs at Massart. They need to be dedicated to what they are doing because without that dedication they will fail. People who come to Massart need to be able to take criticism and deal with the fact that they are probably not as great an artist as they thought. There will always be someone better and if they can accept that and push themselves they will thrive.


Massachusetts College of Art and Design is meant for upcoming artists and designers that want to work in a field that utilizes their creativity and worksmanship. It is meant for people that truly have a passion for what they do, and a certain appreciation for the arts. In todays world, more interest is being handed to the aesthetic of products and, this shift into commercialism is creating a merge with function. It is bringing appreciation for the things that people create, will it be paintings, drawings, sculpture, or other interrelated media formats.


Any kind of person with a desire to dedicate themselves to becoming an artist, whatever that word means for them.


A creative and driven individual who is friendly, loves the arts, and is not afraid to explore the world is the type of person who should attend Massachusetts College of Art.


Boston is a big college town, tt is a very diverse location as far as different college kids go. Any art major who doesn't want to be completely submerged in art school, this is the place to be. We are very excited about what we're doing and are very friendly so people want that kind of environment are encouraged to check this place out. A student who wants an art environment with a tight knit community and the opportunity to adventure outside of their own campus, should definitely consider this college. Needs to be openminded and excited.


Massart is a place for individuals interested in both art as a profession and lifetime commitment. It is welcoming for any type of person in the art or design fields. A student must be devoted and ready for hard work and self discovery.


I think a person that attends this school should be creative not only whith there hands but also with there mind. I have found that keeping an open mind about all aspects of art is a benefit. Young students and older students got along very well and we were able to work together. Being at that school will surround any one with positive and creative choices.


MassArt is for the true artist. The person who eats and breathes art will fit in and thrive within the community created at this school. The teachers are full of support, and a students ability has the opportunity to flourish under their direction.


Massachusetts College of Art is a fantastic school for those who wish grow both as artists and as intellectuals. This school is ideal for students who value education and appreciate hard work. The type of people who should attend this school should be those who have a strong body of work and are teachable. If a person’s body of work is not as strong as there peers that is not a problem as long as they have the drive to be the best that they can. This school is a school for smart, driven, and talented for individuals.


Individuals seeking BFA degree who are interested in being in an exciting urban environment and wanting to develope as an artist in a creative environment with exceptional quality of studios. Where Art is LIfe! Freedom to explore and learn what type of artistic talent is meant to be developed and then harnessed into a career.


A fun person who is outgoing and open to new ideas and someone who is eager to learn as much as they can from their teachers, and just as important their peers. Mass Art is a community of people from all different kinds of backgrounds, but someone who will be successful here is someone with a passion for art and motivated to make themselves the best they can be as well as everyone else around them.


A person that feels passionate and has made a clear and informed decision about this College. Someone who is passionate about the arts. A person who has support around the idea that one can make a career in the world of art and won't falter in that belief. It's really such an individual process so its difficult to say what kind of person "should" attend Mass art. A person who has the drive and integrity to express something through a medium that is true for them. Therefore it will have to be true for other human beings


A person who is open-minded and ready to face the harsh realities of life. We are constantly made to examine and anaylze the world around us, someone who wants to take in and make use of this information should be here. Because it is in Boston, its not an isolated campus. You are presented with the every-day world, constantly. I love this. The world is an artists source material- why be separated from it? There art tons of museums that we have free access too. There are infinite possibilities for knowledge and growth. Facilities to back it up.


A person that is creative and innovative, it?s not scared of challenges and is willing to work really hard. Someone who is confident about himself and is open for exploring art in any way possible.


creative, energetic, strong, bold, artistic


A creative person


an artist


A very self motivated person who love making art.


Someone who loves creativity and possibilities and is very passionate about being creative and intuitive with ideas, and knows what they want to do with/in art for the rest of their life!

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