Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The only kind of person I can think of that shouldn't attend this school is a person who doesn't want to pursue art as a dream. Artists must be dedicated to their work. If an art student doesn't wake up every morning dedicated to their craft, he/she/or they must reconsider their career paths. Only real dedication can get an art student through Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


Massachusetts College of Art is an art school. It is desinged much like a trade school, meaning that students learn a trade rather than the skills necessary for a specific profession. A student without very much personal drive should not attend Massart because the classes are formatted to allow students to determine what is important to them and focus on that. Someone driven my money should not attend Massart. Professions in the art world can be lucrative, but it is a fluxuating market. There is not the same kind of job security in the arts as in plumbing and electricity.


Someone who is not completely passionate about the arts would not do well or be happy here. Also, anyone at this school has to be willing to work hard.


If you have trouble with intense art projects and assignments, cannot feel comfortable around a largely different and diverse student body, and cannot find the motivation to constantly be creating works of art, then Massachusetts College of Art is not the school for you.


A person who shouldn't attend this school is a narrow minded person. People are very friendly, helpful, and accepting of other kinds of schools. We are surrounded by several other universities and colleges, so if a person likes to be in their own bubble with a certain type of person, this is not the place for them. I would also reccomend that if someone is completely involved in their schoolwork and thats all theyve known, they should not go here, people love their work but also love life as well and enjoy getting out and interracting with the world.


This school is for students who take art and thier future seriously. It seems to me that a lot of people believe art achool is easy, a student going to MassArt should expect hour and hours to be spent on perfecting thier skills and being the best at what they want to do. When you choose your future here you have to want it and work as hard as you can to get it.


Massachusetts College of Art is both academically and artistically challenging. The students here are serious about their future, and work extreemly hard. Every member of the MassArt community is open to new ideas and alternative thinking. The only people who would not fit in, or shouldn't attend MassArt are those who are not accepting of others, are unpassionate about their future, and don't enjoy a challenge.


I feel as if Massachusetts College of Art has provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere to its students. In my opinon, the kind of student that should attend is a well rounded, dedicated artist who is willing to learn and share. In retrospect, a student who shouldn't attend is a person unwilling to learn, participate, and become part of a group of students and faculty all devoted towards a common goal.


The kind of person that I would suggest to attend Mass Art would be an artistically driven student who is extremely passionate about their art. Someone who has unique talents in their art aswell as a strong love for all of the arts. Mass Art's students are all very creative, artistic, and different in their own ways. Someone who is open minded and accepting of all different types of people. Bottom line, anyone who has a passion for art and wants to share and learn more about their passion, not only from their teachers but from their peers aswell.


You should not attend this school if you are expecting the same experience you had in High School. Some incoming freshman expect that their popularity previously will carry over into their college experience and most times, that is not true. This school is a tough school to make friends at as well because it is primarily a commuter school. People should not come here if they have a pre-determined idea of what it is going to be like for them.


A person that shouldnt attend this school, is someone who is independent, nice, friendly, open, and has morals. But if you are a conformist, drinker, drug abuser, condescending, elitist, rude, and competitive you will be fine.


A person who is looking for a large university with sororities, fraternities and varsity sports teams would not be happy at this school. The school is smaller and based primariliy on the arts. Also someone who wants a country/suburban school or quieter school would not be happy here because it is set right in the middle of a big city and can get very noisey.


Someone who is looking for an easy ride with no determination or drive sould definitly not go to this school. A person who is not willing to put in the work and hours.


Mass College of Art is a very specialized school. All students that attend have a interest and a foundation in the visual arts. Students that are interested in medical research law school or even business would find it very hard to find an education there. The personality of the students at Mass Art are very open , friendly, and willing to learn. If one is closed minded and has a narrow outlook on opinions and style of living Mass Art would not be the place that is best suited for them.


Someone who isn't serious about what they're doing. Not being sure about what you want to do is fine, everyone has that, but if you come to this school looking to party and goof off then you should probably save the tuition bill and buy beer instead. Massart is an incredible resource, the amount of technical skill, intellectual stimulation, community connection, access to tools/materials, and creative energy you can get from the faculty, staff and other students is absurdly amazing if your willing to invest yourself to recieve it and give back your own experiences.


someone who intends to participate in a faternatiy/soronity


someone who isn't artistic and doesn't accept diversity


A lazy, close minded person


Someone who does not have an open mind, can not take constructive critisism, doesn't enjoy all kinds of art...


An open minded, creative and self-motivated individual.

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