Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are not as many online resources (i.e. student accounts / billing) as there could be.


The lack of availability of affordable off-campus housing. The average student I know pays around $600-$700 a month just for rent in the city, which is very hard to afford for a student with a part time job.


As a Freshman at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, I have found that the most frustrating thing about my school is the dining hall. There really are not any hugley important things that frustrate me about my school; however, the cafeteria schedule does bother me. The MassArt cafeteria closes on Friday at 2:30 and opens again on Monday morning. That means that on the weekends, I need to walk to aneighboring college campus dining hall for all of my meals. Although this is a minute problem, it is the one thing I have found that annoys me.


I commute and it is very difficult to store things. I also don't learn about convienent spaces or academic and social support until after I need it.


Massachusetts College of Art and Design is overall a wonderful school. As part of the school's Student Government I am slowly realizing the lack of commucation between the students/teachers and the departments that make up the school. Another concern of mine is the health risks in many of the studios. For painting and sculpture majors there is not the proper ventalation to accomidate the needs of the facilities provided.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that I am paying alomst thirty thousand dollars a year to go here when i am not learning anything! Just today (first day of classes) my teacher didnt even show up to class and after twenty minutes of sitting there, we were notified that the class was canceled. Overall this school is very unprofessonial and it is hard to get actual help unless you yourself go to the offices and be persistant because everyone know's that you will never get a returned email at this school.


The most frustrating thing about Massachusetts College of art is the limited access to certain facilities. For example, in order to use the photography lab, you must be taking a photography class. It is the saem with other facilities in the school as well. I think the students should have acces to these resources no matter what their major or class schedule. I believe it will lead to more opportunities and new discoveries that an art student can't make under these limitations.


I believe the most frustrating aspect about my school is freshman year. As a freshman you hardly have any choice as to what classes you get to take. Your schedule is mandatory and it isn't until sophmore year that your schedule becomes more flexible and helpful towards your personal major.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is very unorganized. There have been many cases of students schedual getting mixed up through the registration process and some students not being about to graduate because the school did not make it clear what is required. My school also needs more classes. Because our classes are very small, it is hard to get in to all the classes you want.


The most frustrating thing about Ithaca College is that it can be difficult to get around town without a car, so it's a good idea to try to figure out the local transportation system with a friend. Some people do ride their bikes, but the area is very hilly so you have to be pretty fearless when it comes to riding your bike around town!


I am never sure of if I will have a job within my field. Nothing reasures me that I will be able to have help from my school once I graduate. I am paying a lot of money (being from outof state) and have taken out several loans and I fear that in the end I wont have help at getting a job. Getting statistics of how many students have jobs would help. Athough I have this doubt in the back of my mind I have never been so happy following my passion and doing what I do at school.


One thing that is frustrating about Massachusetts College of Art is the difficulty of double-majoring. Many of the required classes for each major tend to fall in the same time slots, making it hard to get the classes one needs to successfully double major.


I always seem to question the 'alterior motives' of an institution. I want to learn more about my subjects and communicate my own opinion in my own way. Sometimes my opinion is only 'truly' expressed for me in the confines of my own work. The instructors here put an emphasis in the importance of the work and the 'critique' as a constructive thought process. I never seem to find balance in the two, through the dead silence of others, I attempt to explain my discoveries, but finish quickly when I find students did not even bother to listen.


There isn't much to complain about. The most frusterating thing is the lack of acknolegement of transfer students. I tranfered this year from USM and myself along with 50 other transfer students were put in housing all on the same floor of a dormintory in a neighboring school. As a transfer student I am not allowed a studio, I've been out of the loop about a lot of things since' the beginning of the year. All it means is making more of an effort to stay connected to my school, it's just more difficult as a transfer.


Many students here think they are better than those around them, which drives me nuts. These particular students can never be wrong and refuse to accept helpful advice or hear the words of others during a critique. They fail to realize that our time in this school is when we should be seeking advice, asking questions and letting others criticize our work only to make us better. While these students bother me, I also don't mind their prescence since it can only help those that want to be here for the right reasons excel faster and greater then them.


How disorganized they are.


Sometimes my school is very one minded. Everyone thinks that there way of thinking is the best way and would not hold back in telling someone that. Sometimes people don't take time to listen to other peoples opinions and just focus on themselves and what they think. There is a little to much drug use around the campus and makes me feel uncomfortable at times.


Many professors and adjunct only seem to be teaching to supplement their income. Most classes are uninspiring and don't present an expectation to learn or apply what is being taught. I am a major in the Studio for Interrelated Media (SIM) program which is based on collaboration and experimentation and requires an individual to be self motivated, so I don't run into these problems as much as my peers, but I also expect a lot out of a teachers so my expectations are also higher. Majoring in Art is frustrating in itself, andMass Art could offer more assistance.


The most frustrating thing about this school is how unorganized it can be. Often there is not much advanced notice for programs and events/classes are often unorganized or details get left out.


size and student body. The people are very stuck up


It's hard socially because it's an urban school. People kind of go and do their own thing. The work load for certain majors is so hard and intense that sometimes it was difficult to have a social life.


The registration process can get very annoying because it can be hard to get into the electives you want. They assign you an appointment time based on grade level (seniors get frist pick), and if you happen to get a bad time it's very frustrating. Once you start your major you get to register ahead of time for those classes though, so that's nice, and you can try to get into classes on the first day too.


Only 100 words? Freshman year, "foundation year" is a soul crushing- why did I go to college- Across the board waste of time. Terrible teachers for DUmb required courses. All Acemdemic Teachers are hit or miss. My Major program (film) was Discouraging and useless. Completely inept. The cafeteria is mosly vomit inducing. Freshman dormitory is the doldrums. I had to give up sobriety for lent, and I'm jewish. The beaurocratic bullshit that goes on is pathetic. I tried to talk to the vice president when they fired the only Competant teacher I had, and her response was Go *$*#yourself


the availability and timing of courses, since I commute a total of 5 hrs every day


there is a very heavy work load most of the time and it is usually hard to keep up


Work load and deadlines.

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