Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I'd known that to be considered a Massachusetts resident by the school is different than actually being a Massachusetts resident. Misled by a financial advisor, who told me if I had a consulting job, payed Massachusetts taxes, was a Masachusetts resident, and payed my own bills that I would be considered a resident by the school, thus lowering my tuition signifcantly. He left out that I would also have to live in MA. for a year without going to school. Although I met his standards, the school refuses to accept my tuition appeal.


I was not prepared for how many straight white suburbanites there would be.


Spending my time building healthy habits will not only serve me better but make me happier than participating in counterproductive activities (i.e. smoking cigarettes, getting high). Positive ways to utilize my time include going to the gym regularly, getting involved in the community (there are many art shows), and eating healthy.


I would have to say the degree of intensity as far as the workload is concerned. I honestly have no idea how people maintain decent grades and hold down a job. In all fairness the school did warn about this in a letter that was sent out, I just didn't believe it.


You need a specific grade point average to maintain in order to stay in your chosen major. The department heads can also kick you out of the major if they feel you won't succeed.


There really isn't much I didn't know about this school.


How much of a headache the financia aid, business and registrar's offices were going to be as they lose my mail, pressure me and remain unapologetic for their unprofessional behavior. I love the great professors but the school is too money hungry to notice they're stretching recources too thinly and making too many promises they don't & won't keep. There are also preferential treatments abound and I guess I got the short end of the stick.


I wish I would have known the extent of the work load for each class. Before coming here, my work ethic was pathetic; in one semester, my work ethic has been completely redirected into absolute dedication.


The students at Ithaca College are very passionate about their majors and interests, and it's best to get involved in clubs and events to meet new people. Also, as a transfer student, I wish I had known that life is easier when you live on campus, especially if you don't have a car.


Before coming to the school I wish I had known the limited storage availability. Though the school promotes being able to "work at any size" and being "limit-less", unfortunately that is not the case. In addition I wish I would have realized the lack of organization within the college when it comes to financial aid and the registrars office.


I wish I had known nothing at all about mass art. I came here with the false notion of an affordable public school for artists. I found out through my own endeavours of coexistance that it is not the art, arted, artist or acedemia that 'confounds' this place, but rather the attempts at ambitious projects fueled by constructive ideal opinions that makes this community so enriching. Sometimes it can be hard to relate to one another through art and communication, but learning how to 'question' in a humanistic way is one of the most constructive lessons to be learned here.


I wish I had known more about it would be the amount of money it would cost me to attend here. My previous school gave me grants and scholarships to attend while MassArt is a much smaller school and can not really give to much money out. Currently I am taking out 30,000 + thousand dollars in loans a year and can only hope that I will have a great job upon graduation that will allow me to pay them back.


More about the city of Boston, and I wish I had lived off campus in my Sophomore year.


I wish I had known more about drawing and design in general. Other than that I feel I was pretty well-prepared for my classes. Mass Art has rigorous classes and if a student is talented enough and will put time in they can succeed.


that art therapy nolonger exists here


I wish I had known how different my chosen major was compared to my conception of it before going into it. It is not necessarily what I expected.


I wish I had known that the department focuses on video art


I wish I new the importance of the first few days of attending.


Nothing will ever get done unless you are willing to fight for it.


The school was mac based but there is no need to buy a Mac on your first year. What programs were actually available under the architecture department.


Before I came to Massachusetts College of Art, I wish I knew more about the overall organization of the school. It can be very frustrating to have important questions about course credits, financial aid, and business matters but not have them answered in an affirmative way. It is a terrible feeling to leave these offices upset over something each time my parents or I need to contact them. I also wish I knew that class registration isn't online. Only if you're lucky do you have an early registration time and can get the courses you need.

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