Massachusetts College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


MassArt has a great student community. Although very competitive, the students become well aqcuainted with each other and rely on each other for support. The facilities are equipped with new technology and the library has amazing resources.


The education department strives to engage students in real life situations. There is student teaching every semester, and class time is based on a lot of discussion and unpacking of situations observed in the classrooms of Boston Public Schools. The staff is encouraging, and challenges the department with questions of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc., and creates an environment where open discussion and learning is possible. There is also a broad network of educators in Boston Public Schools who often speak with the education students and answer questions about working in urban schools.


The open-mindedness of the students. Everybody is very friendly and does not judge anyone, and it is a very carefree and stress-relieving experience.


The combination of the supportive faculty and the student community which makes for an intellectual stimulating environment. The faculty goes to great lengths to expose the students to lecture series and gives a realistic real world view of what to expect as well as what is possible upon graduation.


MassArt has a staff and population that want to help you. The teachers and staff that I have encountered love their students and their work, they encourage students to do what they want and to learn. After my first semester at MassArt, I felt that there is hope in artist community. Not only do the professors want to help you complete your assignments, they want to help you become a better person.


Massachusetts College of Art gives students opportunities in the form of artistic and thinking freedom. For example, a class discussion about outside knowledge relates to an open-ended, perscribed assignment. In this way, the student is encouraged to think. The method of thinking through the visual arts is effective at this school. With the addition of thoughtful and critical professors, the student is further pushed to exercise his/her mind. Thus, MassArt does promote thinking more and for a more open mind, essentially, it gives a very good education.


my school wants to have a well rounded artsit and they will teach a student everything they are willing to learn about all types of art. there are workshops after classes with teachers that will answer any question.


Making art all the time is such a rewarding experience as well as a learning and problem solving experience which has made me a better artist and designer.


The way in which we are enabled to, essentially, teach ourselves, as well as how students are pushed into areas of study or methods that they are uncomfortable with. These allow for heightened exponential growth that can begin changing a student before he or she even knows it.


The community, the teachers do not place themselves above students, there are many opportunites to truly bond with them.


What I concider the best thing about Mass Art is the education I recieved. My first semester was an ajustment to the school and its teachers, but after I settled in to the classes it went great. I met some great educators who not only taught me to make art, but who opened my eyes to many ideas. My art education grew quickly and I was able to try new things and work with new techniques. I love making art and being at school .I was encouraged to keep working at my style of painting and the teachers pushed that.


The best thing about Massachusetts College of Art would have to the people. Everyone from the teachers to the students is amazing. The students provide friendly competition for one another which causes them to have a desire produce the best work possible. The teachers and students have a unique relationship that extends past the classroom and often develop into professional relationships. The teachers have so much invested in the student and it shows in the work they students produce. They provide constructive criticism in a positive way and they encourage the students to develop ideas and concepts behind their work.


The best thing about my school is how real it feels. I know that someday, because I went here, I will be successful in whatever direction I point myself towards.


In terms of the schooling it's one of the best in the area, and affordable for anyone who lives in state. The photography department is massive compared to many others that I have visited and my hopes are high for the coming year that I'll be able to go to school to do something I love to do and be around people who have the same mindset.


Everyone at my school is so talented. They are so creative and come up with the best ideas. It is hard because it is so competitive but I like it because it pushes me to work hard and be the best artist I can be. People are very passionate about their work and everyone truly loves to be there.


The free supplies that people throw away, and its proximity to the city. Small class sizes.


One of the best things about my school is the resources that the location of the school provides. Since it is located in a main city the academic as well as social resources are extremely high. Internships as well as jobs can be found within the community and usually somewhat close by. Also socially there is plenty to do and plenty of other young adults in the boston area in which to meet and socialize with.


Massachusetts College of Art is very well know for its ability to support the students direction in art that they want to pursue. Students are given the opportunity to take classes that are very hard to find at a liberal arts college. Opportunities to completely diversify one self into a gerneral or specific area of study is available. Professors and the Carreer Services office allows for students to network and find job opportunies. These opportunies give the student a foundation to suceed when it is time to graduate and move on with their carreer in art.


What I consider the best thing about my school are the students. They are very friendly and helpful. You never find yourself out of place when you're there. We all share the same gift which is Art and so we all understand each other. And it gets really easy to make new friends.


the facilities are great, and extensive. We have lots of opportunities to dabble in different art forms.


The professors are the best American art schools can offer, and the quality of education in major courses is very good.


The facilities


The area in which the school is located has a lot of museums and art exhibitions and fabric stores, etc. Good for art students.


Teachers, facilities, variety of classes


The wonderful thing about Massart is that you, as an artist, have at your disposal so many state-of the art facilities. Basicly anyting you want to do you can. Whatsmore the faculty are extremely knowagable about techniques and processes. So much so that if you ever what to go beyond the information covered in the course, you instructor will always be able to guide you. Also the atomoshere is incredibley conducive to create work. Fellow students are more than helpful and there's a real sence of community.


The people. Art Schools Attract alot of wierdos, and since its a state school, not to many rich snotty kids. Good folks you know? Also the Sculpture department is where its at.


The school gives students the chance to find themselves and find their voices which will eventaully lead to a more specific career path. Things are not done for you, and it is expected that you run things yourself, Much like living in the "real" world after graduationd. it's a good prep course for living in general.


The dedication and knowledge of the faculty.

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