Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I would say, the worst thing about my school that I've noticed so far is where it's located. While North Adams is gorgeously surrounded by nature it isn't very great for cell service and wifi. On my packing list they specifically put an Ethernet cord because sometimes the Wifi goes out and we need to be able to plug in to do school work. We can work around it, but it's a little annoying.


The tutoring services are quite possibly the worst thing about MCLA because of its effect on the student population. The lack of services offered in tutoring services presents a problem for the academically challenged, and forces the student to seek out help on their own, which limits the seekers to a small few who have the drive and dedication to learn on their own. Although tutoring services are available on campus, their reach and availabling are far from adequate and do not provide students with the help needed in times of crisis.


I have not been at my school long enough to find complete flaws in it. I transferred into my school and have been attending it for only one semester. The one semester that I have been at my school has been a great experience thus far.


The current meal plan options are the worst thing about going to MCLA. Going to a small school means having a small dining hall with hours that do not seem to fit all the students' needs. It's particularly problematic when students are looking for something to eat late at night. However MCLA is working towards fixing this and is currenty working on redoing the meal plan options as well as looking to have food options available later in to the night.


Honestly, our dining services. Breakfast and lunch are overpriced and students do not have the ability to opt out of their meal plan. The company that runs our dining hall is corrupt and provides a lot of unhealthy food and very little variety.

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