Massachusetts Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's best known for its level of difficulty and hacks.


MIT is known for being one of the best schools in the country, but that doesn't mean anything to us. We're egalitarian, diverse, and share a love of "hacking" - our word for pranking. Every MIT student knows the acronym IHTFP. When you're p-setting, the phrase inevitably means "I Hate This F***ing Place". When you're playing in the snow during our relaxing, amazing January term, it's "I Have Truly Found Paradise". Our class rings are also famous- rumored to be the most recognized ring besides the Super Bowl ring and the West Point ring


IT is known for academics,


This school is best known for turning out the greatest scientific minds of our age. We helped America win wars, become the leader in technology which it currently is, and work towards the betterment of humanity through science.




"Drinking from the firehose" is very common. MIT has a reputation of destroying its students with the amount and difficulty of work. Then again, MIT turns us all into the toughest and smartest people.


Being one of the best tech and engineering schools in the world.


Research, nerds


Are school is best known for its engineering fields, and the quality and fame of the staff. We have several notable Noble Laureattes who teach here, as well as numerous professors who are the pioneers and beat all end all experts of their given fields.


Smart, compassionate, driven students who want to make a difference. enthusiastic, wise professors (once you're in your major field). respected everywhere because the men and women who make it through do so out of their hard work and intelligence--what's not to respect about that? work hard. play hard. =)


Science and Technology. Mostly in Engineering

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