Massachusetts Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sometimes I don't have enough time to think, because I'm always working.


The difficulty of the coursework is most frustrating, but it is simultaneously one of the defining characteristics of MIT.




The most frutstrating thing about MIT would have to be the amount of work that we are given. I absolutely hate having to research and do problems at all hours of the night just in order to keep up with my classes.


The most frustrating thing about MIT is the amount of financial aid given to middle class students. Also, the workload is very demanding so students are very often stressed out.


The weather.


The most furstrating thing about this school is if something in a class does not make sense, you fall behind instantly, and are struggling the rest of the semester to catch up. If there is something else in that semster that you dont understand, then there is no chance of catching up, no matter how hard you try.


A faur amount of hard work.


MIT is impossible. There's too much work. You spend hours upon hours slaving over a problem set, and when you finally hand it in, the professor hands you a new one. And there?s always something left to do. If, by some miracle, you don?t have any homework, there?s a meeting to organize, or an event to plan, or research to conduct. In the madness, you put your friends and family on the back burner. So then when the semester ends, you?re still behind, because you have to catch up with your loved ones.


The constant, very intense pressure of the enormous workload becomes very frustrating, as there is often never time to breathe in between assignments and projects, even with a regular courseload.


Not having enough time to experience all the opportunities that MIT has available for students


Sometimes some professors expect more from the student than they should because we are elite students in general. However, we are all still learning at the same time.


The administration is made up of a bunch of sadistic imbeciles.

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