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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to my high school self and offer one piece of advice, I would tell myself to not worry so much. During the start of my senior year, a lot of my class mates had a solid list of the colleges that they were going to apply to. I did not have a clue where I wanted to go to college. I was very worried about whether or not I was going to make the right choice about where I was going to study. I never had a "top choice" and listening to my friends talk about theres made me regret spending more time touring different universities. What I've learned after my first year is that there is no shame in transfering if the college you choose did not work out. Your freshman year you mostly take general educational classes and those credits will transfer with you. Therefore you are not loosing much if you transfer, if anything you gain knowledge about yourself and how you deal with certain situations and which environment is the best for you.


Instead of working long hours and weeks making money a bigger priority, you should have woke up on time to make it to your first hour class, try harder and get help when you didn't understand the work, don't settle for the easier classes just to graduate push yourself to the limits because the education you learn in high school will help you get in a better place of study. Most of all when you start college pick your career and stay focus on your goals until its finish.


I would tell myself to go to Mass Maritime Academy and stay disciplined with my school work. The academy will keep me away from trouble and on the right path to success. I would also tell myself to follow what you think is right and to think outside the box. Always keep an open mind and always have a great attitude toward life. Point out the positive traits in others as well as yourself to remind you how good you are and how great you can be. Law of Attraction.


parents, let your kids decide where they fit best the school you went to isnt always the best for them. this is their time to get out and experience being away from home and finding themselves. students, make the best of it, college will fly by dont be nervous to try new things and branch out. i go to a military academy and my time is flying, i never thought i would say it but it really has


Pick something you want to do and want to go to. Smaller campuses seem to be better for the learning side of things.


Finding the right college is hard. Most kids do not even know what they want to major in even after being accepted to a college. The best way to find the "right" college for you is to talk to school counslers, friends, and family. Ask their advise on what college they would reccomend and why. Make sure to visit the college you apply to and learn about that college's campus life and job placement comming out of that college. When on a campus visit ask the students there what they think of the school. Also, in my opinion, doing an overnight at the colleges that you can't decide between sometimes can make the decision of what school to go to easier. In order to make the most of your college experience you have to study hard and take part in campus activities. It is very important to make friends in college, and being involved in on-campus activities will help you meet new people. The beginning of college can be hard, If you end up being unhappy with your college at first stick it out for the semester. You might end up loving your choice by the end.


Don't let your kids decided where to go. They need guidance and stability their first year.


Make sure the college you're applying to actually fits, meaning that you feel comfortable there. if you're an athlete then look at the facilities, if they aren't right, move on, find one that will fit better. Do what you want for a major, not what your parents tell you




The advice that I would give parents are that to make sure your son or daughter really wants to attend the college they chose. I have a leadership position at my school and during orientation when we're training the incoming freshmen there are always a select few who are always having a hard time. We pull them aside to ask them whats wrong and why they came here and ninety percent of the time they say, "My parents made me come here". This is their future and shouldn't be decided by the parents. If your child does not want to go to a specific school, don't force them you will only make there college life extremely hard and unmanagable. For the students who want to maximize their college experience, do extra curricular activites. As incoming freshmen sometimes it is hard to transition and make new friends. Engaging i extracurricular activites will give you the chance to make new friends fast. Also really know what the school offers including minors, certain licenses, anything that will help you with your major. Take full advantage of what your school has to offer, if not you will regret it later on.


I would tell them to take there time when deciding, and think about what it is you want to do when you get out of college. I would make a list of the pro's and con's of all the colleges you are interested in and really focus on what environment you need to be in to do well and focus. A college experience if what you make of it. I believe that what you put in, you will get out. The harder you work the better the outcome will be when you are finished.


Honestly, you get what you put into college. You could get everything from college, or nothing at all. If you want to maximize the money, the time, and the effort than you will get everything back. It's hard to say but my school is dedicated to getting involved with regiment or sports or clubs that even the everyday person gets more back than an above average kid at another school. If you want to get good grades you'll get them. If you want to drink all the time, than you'll drink all the time. College is what it is. It's not for everybody but there is a college for everybody. Whether you want to be a chef, a captain of a cruise ship, a doctory or whatever it is, I think its important that students really take a good look at what THEY want, not what their parents want. Although that could be very dangerous but I believe that subconciously everybody has a calling and maybe they go through college and don't find it, maybe they do.


Pick the one that will be best for you to suceed in the future after graduation


Do well in your academics before you go out and party. Work hard play hard.


I would tell high school seniors to make choices based on comfort on size of the institution. Also to stay on top of the application process, if you fall behind, it can pile up rapidly. Just be smart about these things, keep a cool head and relax. the next four years of your life should be interesting.

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