Mayville State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Mayville State University is best known for its small class sizes. There are class sizes that have six people in them, and the larger classes can have up to fifty people in them. The education department is also very strong at Mayville State. They are known around the midwest for providing a solid foundation for future teachers to build their teaching profiles and educations.


Mayville State University is best known for its education programs. I chose to come here to pursue my Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and minor in Early Childhood education because of the school's excellent teaching pregrams and high placement ratings upon graduation. It is also known for integrating hands on practical experiences with its academic curriculum. Mayville State University gives students the opportunity to gain experience in their chosen field of study while still in school.


Mayville State is best known for their Teacher Education program! They have a high graduation rate and job placement rate and the teachers that graduate out of their program are placed in a job at a very high and rapid rate.


Mayville State is best known for their teaching program. They have a very high graduating rate along with a high placement of students into the teaching field. They have professors who are well qualified and know the concept in which they are teaching.


My school is best known for the teaching department; I have only heard good comments about the program here. Also, Mayville State is known for the teacher-student interaction. The teachers want you to do well and like to see you succeed!


The winnings history of the baseball team .


I think that my school is best known for its education programs. I know a lot of teachers who have come out of the school and highly recommend it.


Mayville state is best known for getting graduates jobs after they graduete and that is one of the reason i chose to go to this school.


Mayville State University is best known for its Business Department. I wanted to go to school for business and chose Mayville State because of their well-known, successful business department.


My school is know as the teachers college. There are schools across the nation that know Mayville as the teachers college.


We are best known for our education undergrad degree.


Business degrees , Teaching degrees, and Athletics


Our education, business and sports management degrees and also our baseball tradition.