Mayville State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When my friends ask me about school, I always brag and say that I don’t even have to leave the town I’m from. I am able to continue working at my job, and stay in my home town while working on my Bachelor’s Degree. To me, that is the best part about this school. Another really neat thing is your advisor really takes the time to work with you. I feel like part of the school and I am in a completely different state.


I love going to Mayville State University because everyone here is so nice. The atmosphere is welcoming and there isn't one person who is unwilling to help out. I like being able to know almost everyone on campus, but still get a high level of education.


At Mayville State University, the faculty really makes the effort to get to know you. You aren't just another number out of the hundreds of students they have. They take time to help you with any questions you may have , whether it is in class or outside of class.


I have really enjoyed the experience of meeting new people. Though Mayville State University is a small school, it is still a good experience getting to know new people to have in my life. I have also enjoyed the schooling. I like that it is a small school with small classes. It is a great school to start off with, and I am very happy I chose to come to Mayville.


I tell them that its a nice quite place to learn and that that its really relaxing. I also brag about the food we get over here. Its really nice and i get to eat it for lunch and dinner. We have yoga classes to go to when bored and also i tell them that its really fun playing football over here in college.


I would probably say the small class size or possibly even the extra benefits from being a fulltime student, like the childcare program in their educational department.


I brag about the teachers at Mayville State University. Most of the teachers are amazing in how they go about teaching. There is one teacher that has done a lot in her life to help the physical education program in high schools. This means a lot to me since I want to become a physical educaton teacher. I feel that I will be very successful from learning in this teacher's class.


When I brag to my friends about Mayville State University, I emphasize the importance of small class sizes and the accompanying benefits. With small class sizes, professors can focus more on individual students, which is what good education is all about. Students are prown to show more ownership over their studies when they know a caring teacher, that has time for them as an individual, is available. I also brag about Mayville State's technology department which has made the university a leader in individual technology by providing lap-tops to all students to enhance their studies.


There are many things that I "brag" about when telling friends about Mayville State. One of the most common things that i brag about is that we get these brand new laptops with all the new windows programs, web cam, and program to take all of our exams online. There are many of my friend that have to walk all the way across campus just to use a computer, when i have one at my fingertips at any point of any given day.


Small class sizes and helpful teachers. It is a very close knit college with many opportunities for anyone and everyone. Everyone is friendly and willing to help out.


If i had to pick a few things to brag about at Mayville State University, it would have to be the class sizes, the friendly people, and the small town atmospher. First, the class sizes are small enough that every student is know by their first name. Seconly, the people around Mayville are very friendly. Your teachers and fellow students take an intrest in you as a person. Thirdly, the town is just the right size to feel comfortable. Everyone knows the other people in the community. Over all, i think Mayville is a great place for the college experience.


The Technology, fast past, hands on, all around hour working and learning in school.


I usually brag about how nice the small class sizes are. You are a person to the teachers and not just a number. Plus it allows you to get to know your classmates better which is helpful when it comes to group projects or any homework assignments. Who wants to work with people you don't know?


When i brag to my friends about Mayville State University, I tell them how it is a great student to teacher ratio and how our baseball team is pretty good.


When discussing MSU with my friends, i like to tell them how at this school you are more than just another number. At a lot of Universities you are just another student, here at Mayville facility take the time to get to know you and care that you do well.


I tell my friends that my teachers at Mayville are awesome. My favorite attributes about my teachers are that they are easy to talk to, motivating, and encouraging. They always post or say nice things like, "Keep up the good work", and "I hope you have a good weekend". It is the little things like this that make me enjoy them so much. They are also knowledgeable; many of my teachers have taught elementary school, so they know what they are talking about. The Mayville State University teachers make distance education classes easier.


How excellent the advisors are at working with you. They want to see that everyone has access to the education they want. There is a ton of options available to take classes so that they fit into your hectic life. I am a single mom with 2 kids. I have to work full time to support us and Mayville is the perfect place for people like me and people who aren't like me. I love Mayville


When I talk about Mayville State University the one thing I emphasize is the fact that class sizes are on average from 15-20 people and your professors really get to know you and care about you. They know when you are in class or are not.


Its a smaller school but great for a learning enviroment. The school consists of a lot of student/athletes. The teachers are very caring and want you to do your best. Overall good school is known to produce work force material.


I love to tell my friends how great it is to be know at Mayville State university as a name and not by a number and that i can access my professors very quickly.