Mayville State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is a lot of drinking that goes on in Mayville, but i'm sure that you have that on every campus around America.


I feel that the worst thing about Mayville State University would be the cost of everything. Being a college student and trying to pay for tuition, books, meal plans, and everything on the side of that is a little high. It cost so much. Between school, studying, and sports, it is hard to get a job. It makes it hard to pay for. I feel that if it was cheeper, more people would attend college and the economy would be better.


the courses availabe in spring are limited. i assume it is because winter is harsh and many out of state kids leave. it would be helpfull to have more availability for second semester.


The worst part about Mayville State is its location. I grew up in small town North Dakota so being here doesn't bother me but to many of the students coming from a warmer climate and bigger cities have a hard time adjusting to the small town lifestyle. There isn't much to do in Mayville and we are about 40 miles away from the nearest city so students without a car are pretty stuck.


There are really not a enough clubs that I feel like I am interested in joining. Some of the extra-curricular things are cool and well organized, but there aren't a lot of groups that I feel like I am really, extremely interested in joining. So I don't.


I consider the worst thing about Mayville State University to be its size. Because Mayville State typically only enrolls about seven hundred students a semester, it receives less recognition than schools of a larger size. This lack of size limits the amount of programs Mayville State can specialize in. The areas Mayville State does specialize in are exceptional programs. If Mayville State could receive more students, it could maximize its potential by expanding its educational boundaries.


I just started going to school at this campus online this summer am earning my online bachelors in Early Childhood. I have been working with them since January of 2010. I have had a wonderful blend of personal and professional experience to meet my expectations.


The worst thing at times would have to be the size of the school! We live in a rural community where people always know whats going on in your life and you cannot get privacy that one would in a bigger school.


I would have to say the no relation to race /ethnicity available, the professors or faculty had no prior knowledge on the backround environment my ethnicity came from which would have to the be worst about my school. There is one other worst about the school, is the financial department being as an individual had numerous problems with the business office with my student account which was also very frustrating.


The worst thing about Mayville State University would be the on-campus living arrangements. East Hall is not even used anymore. If it was there would be more rooms available and people who do not want to have a roommate would not need to have one.


As far as the school, I think it's great, but sometimes it is boring because there is nothing to do in the town. In high school, I always told myself I would never attend a small school like Mayville State University, but after my first semester, I have come to realize that I really enjoy it. At a small school, it is so easy to meet people. Also, in the classroom the teacher knows you by name, and the teachers at Mayville State University are so willing to help a student if they need it.


The worst thing about this school, would have to be the cost to go. The price for just my freshmen year was ridiculous.


The worst thing about this school would be probably the aging buildings. Other than that, I can't think of much.


The worst thing about Mayville State University is the lack of extra-curricular activities on the weekends. Because of the lack of these and the location, drinking is known to be the biggest extra-curricular activity that goes on at Mayville State. If there were other options and more activities offered I think that the drinking would definitely decrease.


I feel that the worst thing about Mayville State University is the fact that it is very small. It is sometimes hard to find privacy because everyone seems to know everyone else at the school and knows what is going on in everyone elses life. The size of the college also makes it hard to find things to do on weekends unless there is some kind of planned event going on around campus.