Mayville State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that likes a smaller class size. You will know most of the students in your class. The teachers care about you, so if you like one on one time with a teacher Mayville State is the place for you.


I think those that attend this school should enjoy the program that they are in. They should also enjoy small town life, since Mayville is a small town. There are many choices for majors and minors that MSU has to offer. Students should be determined for what the want to do and know how to accomplish the goals they set in obtaining what they want for their future.


I think that Mayville State University is a college for those who like the small town feel and like being on first name bases with their professors. People who like getting to know everyone and participating in groups, sports, activities, should come to Mayville State.


A well driven, hard working person should attend this school. The teachers are helpful with providing assistance, and the class sizes are small making it feel less intimidating to ask questions.


A student who wants to be a person instead of a number should definitely attend Mayville State University. Most of the teachers are very friendly and treat you as a person and are very understanding. If a person wants to be involved they should go to Mayville State University also, because they are many different student groups that a person can be a part of to make friends and have fun.


A student attending this school should be looking for personal attention. They should want to be recognized and make a lot of friends on campus because there is such a small student body that everyone knows everyone else. This isn't right for everyone, but students that thrive tend to be those who come from small schools or who feel they need individual, personalized attention from their professors. Those who prefer small classes also do well here because most classes have under twenty people and often will have five or less in upper-level, major-specific courses.


The kind of person that should attend this school is an outgoing person. In class we do a lot of group projects or talk a lot in class and a lot of your grade depends on how well you participate. Also, there is a lot of activities you can get involved in to meet new people. You also might like the small classes at Mayville.


Someone who likes traditional style college campuses and someone who is serious about their education/future should definitely attend the University of Arizona.


A person who enjoys small town community based towns.


Anyone who wants to further their education. If you feel a college degree is an important step in achieving your goals then this is the place to start.


A person looking for an excellent education with small class sizes and helpful teachers. Someone who is looking for a practical education and is willing to follow advise from advisors about your future.


A person that is ready to take their lives to the next step and prepare for life after school


A person who thrives in small class environments and needs or prefers individual attention would do great at Mayville State University.


I think anyone should attend this college. It is very diverse in its student population, and everyone fits in very well here!


Someone looking for a smaller school, with personal teachers and alot of one on one attention.


Any person who is looking to get a good education while having fun, and getting to know alot of friendly people. If you are the type of person who likes to be a name, not just a number, Mayville State is the right college for you.


one who likes small class sizes and whpo will get a good education