Mayville State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who does not want to get noticed, or blend into a crowd. All the teachers here learn your names by the second week of classes. A person who should not attend Mayville is a person who wants to be in a class size of 300 people. Mayville is a small school; the class size is small, you learn everyone's names.


People that want a big town to live in should not attend Mayville State University. When people want to be a number in a large class to the professor instead of them knowing a face and a name, Mayville is not a place for someone that wants this. Mayville is not for people that want to get lost in the crowd or not get noticed on a day to day basis. People should not go to this school if they do not want to see the same people every day.


Someone who is looking for a different experience than a high school one.


Someone who doesn't want to work hard, a person that needs the big city life.


I think that anyone who like the hands on approach and Professors that are enthusiastic for your success.


You shouldn't attend this school if you don't want to be challenged to do your best, if you want to slide by. You should attend this school if you are looking to further your education and get on a great career path.


Mayville State attracts many different kinds of people with their well known athletic department. If a student was planning on enrolling at Mayville State and they were not an athlete that person would have to like the small town setting, and not mind stay in on some weekends because there is not much to do. Although this is being really honest it the truth when coming to school at Mayville State; you are not enrolled in sports or some kind of physical activity Mayville State is just a "punch in, punch out" kind of school.


I don't believe there is any "kind of person" that shouldn't attend this school. I believe anyone desire to further their education should have that right and not be denied attaining this goal!


Someone who expects state of the art facilities would be better off choosing a different institution.


Mayville state is a very small college, focusing on students and their school work. I would not suggest this university to any student looking for a place full of activities outside of school. There are many programs on campus covering a variety of topics you can participate in.


At any college, a person needs to be willing and determined to get a good education. If a person isn't willing to attend class regularly and put in effort and time, they shouldn't attend Mayville State University. At Mayville State University, the teachers are willing to help you if you need help, but the students need to be willing to receive help. I think that someone who isn't willing to get a great education shouldn't attend Mayville State.


Mayville State University is not an institution that is for everyone. The kind of student who shouldn?t attend MSU would be a passive student. The teaching staff here deeply believes in student involvement. Thus, students are expected to attend class everyday and participate as well. This is a unique quality of my school. Everyone is family at Mayville State; we all work hard and together in every facet of our work. This is virtue and is why I love this college. In conclusion, if you are an apathetic or passive student, Mayville State might not be for you.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person that likes a big environment. This is a very small school with at most 1,000 students and a town that supports the school, but isn't very big. There isn't much to do in this town so we have to drive to the nearest town to get a variety of leisure activities to do. So a student that wants a big school or from a big town looking to stay in a big town wouldn't want to come here.


A person that doesn't like small town life shouldn't attend this school. This school is a smaller school and small town oriented.


Someone who should attend Mayville State is somoene that wants to be known by there name and not as a number. Someone who learns better in a smaller class size.