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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Looking back to senior year, there could be so many warnings that I would have loved to known prior to attending college. I would have to say do not let anyone tell you its okay to change your major because in actually there is a maximum on financial aid which in my whole college years no one had told me until it was too late. Another good advice, would be don't worry about filing suite with the peers around you because when your college careers all done those who distracted you will not be there to help you survive. The final as well crucial advice would have to be you are phenomenal individual no other holds the key to your future, it is your life that will be forever changed upon completion of a college degree and never let any hurdles of life hold you back.


If I could go backa and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself, "you can do it". I was very nervous about the change to college, and thought it would be hard. I would tell myself, it is hard; its hard to make that transition, leaving your family, all your friends moving away, and being compltely responsible for yorself. and while this is very difficult, I would tell myself to remember that I will meet new friends. I would tell myself that those friends WILL become my family. Those friends are what get you through college, and while you still do have your family, those friends are the ones who will listen to you when you have that obligitory college drama, when your stressed about classes, when you dont know what you want to do wth your life. Those friends are your friends, your family, and the people you spend all your time wth. I would tell myself to be more brave, and not be scared to make that jump into the college life. Being in college is hard, but I would tell myself, that it will be the best experience of my life.


If i could go back and talk to myself i would tell me myself to relax and not stress out and enjoy high school life.


I would tell myself not to be nervous. I think alot of students feel that you just get thrown out into the college life, and that isn't how it goes. There are tons of people who help you through the process. Be confident in the school you are attending, and be open to any and all friendships. These are four or more years of your life that have a huge impact on not only your career path, but your social life. Make the best out of every situation!


I would take my high school grades more seriously.


Looking back, i would tell myself many things. Most important of them all i woul tell myself to learn to priortize. College is alot of work and the only person there able to help you, is yourself. Teachers in high school will nag you to get work in, and many times cut slack on late work. College is different, everyone is on their own to get things done. Plain and simple you are your own responsibility. No one is going to tell you to stop watching t.v and do homework, or remind you to study for a test. You have to be able to tell yourself to go to bed early, make it to your classes, hand in homework on time and so forth.


many words of wisdom, and novels upon novels. I would have made wiser choices on hanging out with friends and engaged more in my education and finanical future. I would have started to build great credit. many more things......


If i was back in college i would tell myself that football is not everthing, i would also say that there are far more ways i can get into college without useing my athletic abilities. Most importanly i would tell myself things that would motivate me being that i lacked the motivation of getting out of such a rough neighborhood. I would start by saying not everyone was ment to be here and you are one of the few you have the ablilty to get out just use your brain and stay out of trouble, the sky is the limit if you just focus on what you can get from school and not focusing on the bad that surrounds you.


I would tell myself to not worry too much about deciding a major. There are opportunities in college that you do not get in high school that can help you make that decision. I would also tell myself to learn better study techniques. In college you need to spend more time working outside of the classroom. The classroom is used for the teacher to give you the tools to learn the subject, not for you to work on your assignments. The last thing I would tell myself is to not be so scared about the change. College is easier than high school because how you do depends on you.


I would tell myself to relax more and not stress about making the transition from a small school to a small campus because it was a lot easier than I expected. The smaller class sizes made it so much easier to not only get to know my classmates but also my teachers which was essential being I was planning on being a part of the volleyball team and would be missing class sometimes. Making the transition from a high school team to a college team stressed me out big time my senior year as well. Again, I would try and help me relax and realize that being a part of the volleyball team would not only help me to challenge myself physically and mentally but also it would give me the opportunity to make lifelong friends that I never want to lose touch with. Overall, I would explain to myself that I need to go with the flow and take advantage of the many opportunities that Mayville State will offer me.


I would tell my younger self to cherish my highschool years and not take everything so serious. I would tell myself to not be afraid of the next step because the next four years will be the greatest of your life, you will be the best friends a person can have and you will meet your future wife. I would tell myself that the future is alot brighter than you can imagine, in 4 years you will look back and see how much you have grown, you will think of the kid that was deciding where to go to college and smile because you know that you made the right choice.


Ok Lindsay; breathe, breathe, everything will be ok. Don?t panic when things don?t go exactly how you wanted them to. Take a deep breath and everything will work out. Set away some time for studying, doing homework, and relaxing; therefore you will not let yourself get overwhelmed and stressed out. Things happen for a reason, just take responsibility for your actions. Limit your time on facebook and never play facebook games, they are so addicting. Lastly work hard and give it everything you have, because when it is over it is over and there is no going back.


There are three things I would like to tell myself as a high school senior. I would be sure to warn myself, over, and over again to be smart with my money in case of doctors appointments, gas, and food. It also would have been nice if i had started forming a college like schedule for myself, with appropriate study time, homework schedule, and what I would use my free time for instead of what I actually did; trying to balance a full time job with full time schooling. (I'd also warn myself to wait a few weeks before starting a job.) Being social is very important, finding friends, tutors, teachers, counselors and meeting with your advisor are vital things that everyone should do. As well as keeping in touch with old friends who can help you with your stressors you may have problems overcoming alone. Knowing those three key-points could have saved me a whole lot of extra work, stress, and anxieties.


Misti! It's time to grow up and get ready for a little dose of the real world. The next four years of your life will be tough, you'll seriously consider giving up. Don't. You'll change your mind a million times trying to find the right major, the truth is you'll never know for sure if it's the right choice, but it doesn't have to be! Oh yeah and please stop worrying about pleasing everyone else! It's your future use this opportunity to figure out what you want out of life, but don't forget the people who helped you get to where you are. Also remember you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with, so set the bar high and stay on track. Be involved, challenge yourself, try new things, meet new people, and make lasting relationships. Resist the temptation of Facebook, it will make you lose all track of time and distract you from homework. Lastly, I have one last word "flashdrive", back up your files because you may or may not lose an entire semesters worth of work due to your hard drive crashing.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to be more outgoing and not as shy. I have always been a shy person but in college you can't be shy because I have learned that too many people are. You have to be the one that talks to others first and helps the shy people come out of their shell and meet friends. I feel that it would have been a lot easier to meet friends my freshman year if I was more outgoing and not as shy. Mayville State University is a small college where you can meet a lot of people if you want to. The key is to come out of your shell and not be shy because there are a lot of people that are shy. I would tell myself to be more outgoing and help the shy people, like I once was, come out of their shells and meet lots to people to get the full college experience.


If I could go back in time to my senior year, I would tell myself that college is not what it seems like on tv. Making the transaction goes a lot further than just swiching schools. You have to emotionally prepare to be away from family, old friends, and you have to learn to adapt to a new enviroment if you are moving out of state. I would also suggest saving up money to have just incase you need it for tough times or leisure.


I would have a lot to say to my senior-in-high-school-self. One of the main topics I would advise on would be doing things for myself. College professors do not hold your hand; they may be nice and even accommodating, but they are not babysitters. They will not repeatedly remind students to hand in work, study, or even show up. As college students, we are rightly expected to be able to do things for ourselves. With that comes much more freedom; most professors treat students as adults. It is up to the students to handle that freedom with responsibility. Another topic I would talk about would be the difference between high school and college teacher's attitudes. High school teachers put up with a lot more nonsense from students than college professors do. College teachers talk to their students like they are adults. They are less likely to mince words during lecture. There is more freedom to debate, express opinions, and joke around in college classrooms. Another neat thing about college is that there are no substitute teachers; class is cancelled if the teacher cannot make it.


First of all, for some student, including me, high school seemed so easy because you could always ask the teacher everything you needed to. In college, it is much different. The teachers expect you to be so much more independent and know much more. You can't run to the teacher for every question you have. You just have to figure it out yourself. The advice that I would give myself is to do much more independent studying. Also, if I couldn't figure something out I would tell myself to try my best and not run to as the teacher about it because sometimes the college professors aren't around or even willling to answer every question a student has. Along with independent studying, a student needs to learn to not always expect a study guide for tests. In high school, almost all of my teachers gave the students study guides for all the tests, but in college none of my teachers have given us study guides. These are a few bits of advice I would give myself if i went back in time and was still a high school senior but knew what college was like.


Todd. Breathe in, breathe out. College is nothing to worry about; instead, you should be excited. Don't think of college as a scary experience. Simply think about all of the new situations you will encounter. Don?t worry about losing friends. Leaving Grand Forks will only cause you to realize who your ?real? friends are. Plus, you will meet tons of people. Don?t worry about being overwhelmed with schoolwork. Your time management skills will be put to the test, but you will pull through with your work ethic. Lastly, don?t worry about getting sleep. Actually, do worry about that. Oh well, you will sleep when you?re dead?or at least out of college.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to take school more seriously. I was also a jock first then a student. I would tell myself to be a student first and then worry about sports. I went to a school right out of high school that I had no business being at only because I wanted to play football. I am still playing football and I am at a school that is more for me. I would tell myself to do more recruiting trips, more applications, and more time on my school work. I wouldn't sit around waiting for schools to contact me for sports. I would tell myself to take the initiative and go out and find a school that is more for me.


I would tell myself that Mayville is a great place to go. You have a lot of opportunities and gain a lot of friendships that will last forever. Even teacher will know you and you may become good friends. I would also tell myself don't be afraid to go out and meet new people and experience new things.


I would tell myself not to worry about college as much, because it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Also work out more in the summer, because I am playing football and it would of helped. Also it would of easier if I would know how to type faster.


The advice I would give myself back when I was a senior is to realize what I'm getting myself into. College is not high school, the rules are completely changed, along with class times, how many classes you have a day, and who you see. Procrastinating is one thing that you should Not do in college, it'll end up just hurting you. Also, GET A JOB. The cost to go to a four-year university is ridiculous, start saving up while you can so you don't end up complaining about not having money. But before you pick a college, make sure that you'll maybe want to stay there and get your moneys worth. Unlike me now, I'm transferring to a better school that has a lower cost. If I would've known that, I wouldn't have wasted my time. So, Get a Job, Don't Procrastinate, Get to Sleep, but still have a little fun.


I would say to always be yourself. You will go thought a lot of hard times trying to find who you want to be. You will just end up being who you are supposed to be. Don't try so hard. Trust in God and everything else will fall into place.


The advice that I would give is to look around and find the school that is going to best fit your learning abilities and has the career path studies that you want to take. If you learn better in a larger evironment or if you need a smaller more one on one evironment. Also, you can take a look at the success rate of other students who have gone to your school to see how successful students are at achieving their career path. Mainly, look for something that is going to fullfill your needs as a student. It's your future that you are dealing with so you should take this decision very seriously.


College is a big step. Parents need to give kids space and time to decide what they want to do. If you push them too fast, often times they flounder and fail. There is nothing wrong with waiting and being certain about what your doing. Starting at the smaller colleges is the best thing for uncertain and insecure students. There is a much more personal relationship that develop for students. The cost is much less which makes it much more affordable for everyone.


By choosing a college that fit me the best, I looked for a lot of things like jobs off campus and on campus, how many were in a class, teacher involvement, and over all just the surroundings of the college. I was once told the people who you meet at college are going to be in your lives forever an the friends you meet will be you friends forever. It only takes one person to make or break you for college experience and that person is yourself and what you put in to your college is what your going to get back so get out there and be active and make friends.


When looking for the right college I recommend looking for colleges with populations that you, the student, will feel comfortable in and not be overwhelmed. Along with the size of the college goes the size of the classes. If you are work better with professors who are able to offer more one-on-one help then a smaller school would be best for you. I truly believe that campus population is a big factor in picking the right college. To make the most of the college experience you can not be afraid to be yourself. Be who you are and be proud of it. Don't be afraid to say no to peer pressure because it's definitely out there; do what makes you happy and surroud yourself with people who make you feel happy and who you are comfortable with. By meeting people like you and making new friends your college experience will become a great experience and you will have made it all that you can. Be yourself and participate in campus activities. Have fun. College is a great experience and helps you learn more about yourself, enjoy it.


College is the best time of your life. It is an important decision and its a decision that affects your future, so make sure you look at many different schools to really get the feel for what you really want. First, look if the school has what you want to pursue as a career or atleast has many degree opportunities. The second thing I would look at is the community. When you are there ask yourself is this a safe community? Is this community going to help me excel in what i want to do? Is there many on-campus activities and groups? Does this school have to many distractions? Is there a tradition? There are many questions you can ask and alot of them depend on the person and what they are planning on doing. Be the person you want to be and pick the place you want to go to. Take peoples opinions but dont just use one opinion on which school you go to. Most people graduate highschool over the age of 18, which makes you an adult so do what you want to do. Make your college expierence what you want it to be!!!


Finding the right college for your child or for yourself is an important thing to do. There are a few things you should keep in mind while picking one out. One what is our child's major or what the major is. That will help you to narrow the choices of schools. Another thing to keep in mind is how far you want to be from home. One who is going to become easily homesick and wants to go home all the time should find a college closer to home as for one who is not going to get homesick that much a farther college would be good for them. Lastly they should think about the size of the college. Do the want a big campus or a small camous. Small campus everyone knows everyone. A bigger campus always a chance to know met knew people everyday. That is just some of the things that need to be kept in mind picking out a college.


The advise that I would give parents and/or students about finding the right college would be to apply at a college that you want and not what other people want. The student should want to grow as an individual in the community, make lasting friendships and a college that will inspire and challenge them as a student. Look for a College that has a high placement rate, alumni networking, cohort programs, speciality housing, rank of that college, and location of that college. Find a college that is right for you. Don't find one that is right for your best frind or your parents. Take some time to dig deep and find out who you are and what you want in life and you will ultimately find the college that best suits you and everything you want for your future. To make the most of your college experience i would say to try everything there. Get out there and get to know new people. Take advantage of what your college has to offer. Get involved with study groups and get into activities off campus too!


I would say this to student's, sometimes the right college may be in your own backyard. Always know that your professor's are there for you and are willing to help you just as long as you seek them out. Also be your own person, study and you will go far. For parents, do not pressure your children about where they want to go, just be supportive, listen and give advice when asked advice is be there for them.


When deciding what college is right for your particular self or son/daughter, it is important to look at what values the school holds that match closest to what you believe is right in a post-secondary education institution. Campus tours or literature on the school may persuade you with flashy promises of financial aid, scholarships, and campus life, but it isn't hard to see through that and know when a college is right for you. A strong dedication to education and student growth is an important component to the college of your choice; one that will let you grow not only academically, but personally and spiritually as well. To make the most of your college experience no matter the institution, it is important to open yourself up to new experiences, people, and organizations . There are many barriers to overcome when it comes to being exposed to new things in college. A lot has to do with the person you are before college and the person you wish to be after. Never be anything less than true to yourself and follow anyone else's instinct because college is a time to discover what YOU want out of life.


The best advice I feel I could give to parents or students trying to decide what college would be the best fit for them would be to go to the campus and take a look for yourself. College visits are essential to choosing which school will give you the most of what you want to gain from a college experience. The next step would be to know what it is that the student wants to study and research each perspective school to find one that offers the best courses and opportunities within that field. There are going to be social events at every college. Every school is going to be filled with possible new friends as well as people that people aren't going to get along with. Do not worry about these given characteristics of colleges, instead look for something in a college that is going to make attending that school a unique and positive experience for the student.


In order to find the right college and get the best experience one needs to remember who they are now and who they want to become. College shapes a person from a high school student who sees society into an adult who is a part of society. Finding a college that feels like a home away from home is crucial. If it is not comfortable for you on the campus, the experience will be lacking. It is also important to get involved as quickly as you can. This will enhance your people skills and friendship circles. This allows the chance to make great connections with the community and business world which could help in the job search at the end of your college career. Although not every college is for every person, there is a college that is right for one person - you!


Find a college that resembles your childs behvior and learningability. To make the most out of the college experience, be willing to deal with adversity and be out going and do not be afraid to make new friends.