Mayville State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Go out and meet people! College is way different from high school. Don't be afraid to be yourself, and have fun! If there is a speaker, go out and listen. You will meet people, who have the same views, and morals as yourself!


I was aware that the town was smaller than what I had previously known, but I wish I would have known the exact size. I wish I would have known that the town doesn't have much to offer. It would have been nice to know that housing was tight and the closest department store is twenty-five miles away. Most of all I would have liked to have known about the inconvienence.


I wish I had known how greatly my sleeping pattern would change! I rarely go to bed before midnight every night and it is quite tough to get used to when I usually am in bed by ten-thirty or eleven o'clock.


I wish I would've known what school was going to be like. People said that this school is just like a family, and it is true. It is small enough where I don't feel overwhelmed with new stresses, and I am able to do well in my classes. This was a good school for me to start out at.


The expenses, I am aware, though starting in May.


In high school, I had the option to take online classes for free and I wish I had taken that opportunity farther. I could have been taking college courses in high school and I would have been able to take courses that aren't part of the generals needed to graduate from Mayville. Basically, I should have jumped at the chance to take free classes. Instead, I took two classes when I was capable of more.


Before coming to Mayville i wish i would have known the level at which i need to perform to do well here.


I just wish that I would have been able to take a recruiting trip. I believe that everyone should go on a trip to take a look at the school, see its structures, and meet some of the students, teachers, and administration.