Mayville State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is very important to me as online/distance student that teachers would reply to emails as soon as possible. So far all teachers responded within 24 hours. Also all the teachers I had were very enthusiastic and I really enjoyed attending all the courses


I consider the personal attention received by students to be the best thing about my school. This size of our campus and student body lends to this. Everyone knows everyone else, and the campus has a wonderful sense of community. Some people have described Mayville State as one big family, and I feel that this is very fitting for our school. There are so many ways to get involved and meet people that it is impossible to not meet amazing friends on campus. The staff is also like part of the "family"--they genuinely care about every student.


I think the best thing about Mayville State University is the small class sizes. I like the individual attention and I also enjoy having the teachers know me by my first name. It is an easier learning environment for me and I am happy I chose to start my college life at Mayville State University.


The best thing about Mayville State is the relaxing quite atmosphere where i can get my work done.


Every one gets along and everyone makes friends quickly.


The best thing about Mayville State University are the faculty/staff, and students. There are incoming student from all across the country. I came to Mayville, ND from New York, and haveing people there for me helped me out a lot. Some students come from different countries so they can't go home often which is hard on them, but the students that live near by will take them back home with them. Also, the faculty and staff really care about thier students, and want them to succeed.


The things that I consider the best about my school is that the advisors are very helpful and they offer full degree programs for online/distance education. This was very important to me since I work full-time and didn't live near the campus.


I love the environment and vibe my school gives off. It's a traditional style campus with students who actually want to make a difference. Everyone here loves the classes they are in and are ready for the future. People here have an incredible sense of school spirit and there are always so many events here.


Hands down the best things at my school are the the class sizes. Being Mayville has less then 1000 on campus students class sizes can be very small. This give me a better oppurtunity to learn and express myself. I know my teachers like my friends. It is easy to get around and be organized and stay ontop of things. At MayvilleState University students are not just another number in the system. Students and teachers have great relationships and this is due to the small class sizes.


My favorite part of mayville state is the size. I will never get lost on campus looking for anything. Every class is small, and the teachers work to help you suceede.


small class sizes.


I would say the small class sizes. The professors are able to know you personally and you get to know them very well.


The best thing about Mayville State is the size of the campus. It is nice knowing that the professors know you by your name.


The best thing that I remember about Mayville State University is walking down the sidewalk on campus and being able to say hello by name to each person I see. It is great when they look back at you and know you as well. Always seeing people with smiles on their faces and books in their arms is a great way to observe a learning community.