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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i went back in time and talked to myself as a senior in high school , the advice that i would give to myself would be, "Loretta going to college is a big step and it's going to take a huge commitment from you to be at your best. Their is a lot of peer pressure in college, so you have to be a leader. You cannot go to parties and get waisted just because your friends went, when you know you have to get up early in the morning for class. You have to focus on your degree. You have to use positive affirmations and positive self-talk everyday to keep yourself motivated. You have to hang around individuals who are serious about school, so when your having a difficult time with your school work ,you can call them up and they will become your study partner. You also need to find a mentor, someone you look up to and respect as a person, so when times gets hard and you can't talk to your friends, you can talk to your mentor, who will convey to you , there is nothing that you can't do."


The first peice of advice I would give myself is to concentrate more in school. I never took certain tests such as the SATS. I would study much harder and take any test that would help get me through the door of college. I would have to say I would have looked more into scholarships and grants, and any other aspects of helping pay for my financial aid. If I was still in highschool, I would have made sure I was taking any extra classes also that would help me with my future profession. I am currently going for medical, maybe I would have chosen to go to a vocational school, instead of regualar school all year round. This being said, I would know for sure that I would like the career I was learning about instead of going to college for a year and decide to change my mind. It would save you money and time. Sports are another great things about colleges, I am disappointed that I did not sign up to go to a school with sporting teams, if I would have tried harder in school I could have maybe got a full paid scholarship for sports.


Simply don't put a good education off, you will need it to make a place for you and your family in this world. This is the most important decision you will make as a high school senior. Please consider this before you get on with your life as it will get more difficult each and every day you put it off.


Keep yourself on track. Don't let others bring you down. Make sure YOU choose your major, not your peers, family, or teachers.

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