McDaniel College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its teachers because they have so many and they are really good to talk to whenever someone has a problem. Tey are always there to help you out.


My school is best known for the activities that they have in the summer. The Baltimore Ravens train on our campus, and so fans and media both come to McDaniel every summer to see them train. A lot of the fans are children, and recently they made a rule that stated that only children can get autographs from the players, which means that there has been an increase in younger fans visiting the school. In addition, McDaniel is also known for their partnership with the local Boys and Club.


My school is best known for many things. The top being the scholars who have come out of the college. Next to the wonderful liberal arts education, location and size. My college offers a lot that other colleges do not, one thing being the studying abroad programs andthe Budapest sister school.


McDaniel is well known for their education program. Teachers who come from McDaniel College are highly regarded especially in the Maryland area. The program is commended for getting their students into the classroom early on in the education process so that students can determine sooner rather then later if teaching is the career for them.


The small size and liberal education are probably what come to mind first. The school has been listed as a Who's Who school for many years and the education is priceless. It is a great school, we have a well-received faculty and staff and our president is one of the best. Also, a side note, but the Baltimore Raven's practice there in the summer.


We have a good science department, and really good art teachers. We have great study abroad programs and many different cultures on one campus.


My school is best known for it's small size.


McDaniel is best known for its high tuition, small population, and bowl stadium.


My school is best known for the friendly staff and professors, the small classes in which the students are able to receive one and one attention and being an academically driven school that encourages a high level of thinking and achievement.