McDaniel College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The relationships I have developed at McDaniel College are lifelong. Playing college football at McDaniel has taught me many life lessons that I can use to my advantage. I have learned important aspects such as leadership, teamwork, and dedication. About 1/3 of the student body plays a sport so all the teams support each other on and off the field.


When I speak of my school, I like to brag about our school spirit. One of my favorite things to brag about is my school's quality of education. When people ask how I like McDaniel, I tell them that I love it because I have control over my education. McDaniel offers a five year teacher certification program to all their education minors. Not only am I able to major in psychology, but I can become a certified teacher without having to double major and it is such an empowering feeling.


Becoming a member of a fraternity/sorority and honor societies is awesome.


When telling my friends about the school, I brag the most baout the amount of financial aid the school offers most students. My friends and I were all offered grants and scholarship that pay for almost of of tuition and room and board. We were also all given the opportunity to do work study, so that we can help pay off loans or tuition if our scholarships and grants didn't cover it. McDaniel College has given me and other students more opportunities than most schools would.


McDaniel College was the one place were I truly felt challenged and where my skills in psychology began to flourish. McDaniel is an exceptional school that has amazing professors that provide individual attention to each and every student due to the small campus size.


Its very amazing and the reason that not alot of people know about this school is because its a private college and it really does change lives!


I brag about all of the great friends i have made and the interesting courses and opportunity McDaniel has to offer me!


I brag about the fact that are teachers are wonderful. Our teachers truly care about how their students do in class, helping us as much as possible. They are also quite engaging, giving very profound insights into the most common topics. Teachers here will see you during office hours, give you their phone number, answer emails at any time of the day, or help you individually in virtually anyway possible. They understand students are human and hold us to the Honor Code. Try finding a college where the teachers work for you since you're paying them to.


The great friends and relationships that I made with professors. The ability to be actively involved with so many organizations and get a great education all at the same time. The experiences that I had and the times that I had are far worth sharing with others. Also, the campus was beautiful and the facilities and resources were great as well.


small classes and parties


What a close-knit community it is, and how you can't go to class without running into at least two or three people you know. Also, for the most part, the professors are completely brilliant, and are really well-read in their fields. The close proximity to great places like Philly, Baltimore, and DC is also a plus.


Our football games are more fun then any other college activity out there. Tailgaiting on "the Hill" has left me with some great memories, and some I don't remember...