McDaniel College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about McDaniel College? Why?


It is rather costly; however, the cost is reflected back in the great quality of the faculty, including adjunct professors, and in a clean and technologically-savvy campus.


The worst thing about McDaniel would have to be the food. The food tends to be questionable and a majority of the students try to get apartments or houses, so they can make their own food.


The squirrels. I don't mean that to be funny; I'm completely serious. The swuirrels on campus are like, "attack squirrels" out of some adventure movie. Don't mess with them and you'll be fine... but if you get too close they'll come after you.


The worst thing I would say about my school is the amount of people who smoke. I support their choice and right to smoke but the amount of smokers at McDaniel is rediculous. Most of them seem so inconsiderate to the non-smokers on campus. They, the smokers, stand close to the doors where it is nearly impossible to get into or out of the buildings without inhaling the smoke. It seems like they have never heard of second hand smoke.


The lack of communication between adminstration and students. There have been some instances that students and admistration have gotten into arguments because of the miscommunication


The worst thing about McDaniel would be things to do on the weekends. There are some parties but not everyone is in the mood to drink all the time so there is never anything else to do.


The worst thing I consider about my school is that you have to do a Jan term to graduate from there. I do not really like this because it makes students not see their family during christmas sometimes if they live really far away.


The worst thing about this school is that it's not in a "college town" or city. Thus, if you do not have transportation, getting to certain places may seem out of reach. The school provides shuttles and Carroll County transportation is available, however, they are only available during set times which can be inconvenient. With that being said, some students struggle with the feeling of "there's nothing to do". To cope with that, you have to get involved in clubs, organizations, sports, and other activities to sustain a social life outside of academics.


Honestly, the only thing I can really think of is that it would be nice if there were more study rooms in the library. Students like to spend their time in there, and if you don't get one of the six, you're out of luck. There are plenty of desks and lounge areas, but sometimes a study room is cozier and more comfortable for studying.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the dining hall on campus. However, despite the common complaints against the food service on campus, it is not a make or break issue on campus. Students find ways to handle the cafeteria food or quickly transition to other sources of food. And despite the common complaints against the food service, the food options are truly diverse to give everyone something to eat. If you want to know what the food will taste like, try eating at the cafeteria during the school year on a regular school day.